Maintenance and Service Plans for Commercial Laundry Equipment in Miami

Maintenance and Service Plans for Commercial Laundry Equipment in Miami

If you’ve invested in commercial laundry equipment for your Miami business, you can promote its care and longevity by choosing maintenance and service plans that are designed for commercial washers and dryers. Whether you operate a Miami hotel, laundromat, or another laundry facility, you need to depend on your washing machines and dryers. A maintenance and service plan with a reliable vendor provides you with the support you need to keep your operation running smoothly. 

When you sign up for commercial maintenance and service plans in Miami, you can get the maintenance and repair solutions you need when you need them. Commercial Laundries features the best service professionals in the area. They have the top-tier training and experience needed to repair your commercial laundry machines. We also maintain a large inventory of replacement parts to ensure that we can make replacements quickly. 

Expertly maintained laundry equipment supports the success of your business. Depending on your needs, you can sign up for a maintenance and service plan that suits your business and budget. Our skilled technicians stay up to date with all the latest commercial laundry equipment our industry offers. The right maintenance and service plan in Miami means less downtime for your laundry business.

Operating Commercial Laundry Equipment in Miami

Today, laundry businesses have a wide range of options when it comes to commercial laundry machines. From space-saving stackable washers and dryers to the latest machines with smart functionality, Miami’s range of available commercial laundry equipment is broad. When choosing washers and dryers for your laundry facility, consider upgrading to card-operated laundry equipment or smart washers and dryers that are compatible with smart apps. Although coin-operated laundry machines are still popular in many facilities like laundromats and apartment building laundry centers, many businesses are investing in smart washers and dryers.

Next-generation commercial laundry equipment is convenient for customers. They can simply transfer funds from their bank account to their smart laundry card or the smart app instead of hauling around coins. There are also advantages for businesses that upgrade to card-operated washing machines and dryers. Owners or business operators can log into their app to find out how each machine is performing each day. There’s no need to physically access machines to count coins to determine profits. Businesses can access their funds electronically, without the need to physically deposit coins in their bank account.

Why You Should Consider Maintenance and Service Plans for Commercial Laundry Equipment

If you own commercial laundry equipment in Miami, you should safeguard your business by investing in a quality maintenance and service plan. When partnering with Commercial Laundries, for instance, you can set up a plan that includes routine maintenance. When a skilled technician maintains each of your units, you can often head off breakdowns caused by wearing parts. 

A maintenance and service plan ensures that you have ready service if something goes wrong with one of your washers or dryers. Your service provider is familiar with your laundry machines. They will keep a record of maintenance and repairs on each machine. When a washer or dryer breaks down, it can’t be used. That translates into a loss of profit for you. The sooner the machine is repaired, the more quickly it can go to work for you again. 

Modern Features of Commercial Laundry Equipment in Miami 

Today’s modern commercial laundry equipment is designed with a wide range of functionality and features that support a laundry center’s successful operation. Whether you opt for a new Speed Queen washing machine or GE dryer, you can outfit your center with high-functioning laundry equipment that provides features such as:

Improved Energy Efficiency

High-quality modern laundry machines operate with greater energy efficiency. That’s crucial for a laundry business. The more efficiently your machines run, the better your profit margin. Although your old models may continue to operate like workhorses, they could be costing you when it comes to energy and water usage far more than a new, energy-efficient model would. 

Smart Functionality 

New commercial washers and dryers may feature smart functionality. These machines accept smart cards or work via a smart app. Customers use their laundry cards or app to pay for their laundry services. This feature does away with the need for coins and coin-operated units. Customers can conveniently transfer funds to their laundry card or the app whenever they want to do laundry. Additionally, your business can receive these funds right away, without having to empty machines of coins and haul them to the bank. 

Smart functionality also features onboard reports so that owners or property managers can find out useful information about their machines’ use. They can determine when peak times are for customers. They can find out the features that customers use most on their laundry machines. Smart functionality is an important feature that can help improve your business’s profit margin. 

Intelligent Dosing

Washing machines that have intelligent dosing add the precisely right amount of detergent and fabric softener to every load. This helps minimize waste either for your business or your customers. The machine can determine the correct dose by evaluating the weight of the laundry. Moreover, these machines are suitable for both liquid and powder detergents. 

Customize Display Screens

Some modern laundry machines feature a customizable display. You can customize the display with photos or icons that make it easy for your employees or customers to operate the machines. Many of the latest machines have a touch-screen interface for added convenience. 

Sanitize Cycles

Want to keep your laundry machines in the cleanest condition? Choose a washing machine with a sanitizing cycle. Depending on the nature of your business, this type of feature may be a highly desirable option to look for when shopping for new laundry machines in Miami.


Wouldn’t it be great if your laundry center could alert customers when there are available laundry machines? Some new laundry equipment like Speed Queens feature this functionality. The machine can also alert customers when their machine’s cycle is completed. 

Advanced Moisture Sensors

Several of today’s leading commercial laundry equipment brands have installed advanced moisture sensors in their dryers. The sensors gauge moisture and temperature in order to dry laundry evenly and effectively. 

Keep Your Laundry Rooms in Great Shape with Maintenance and Service Plans from Commercial Laundries 

With maintenance and service plans in Miami, you can keep your laundry equipment in tip-top condition. Commercial Laundries provides maintenance and service plans to a wide range of businesses that rely on commercial laundry equipment. Our customers include laundromats, apartment building owners and property management companies, restaurants, medical facilities, and more. If you operate a business that uses commercial washing machines and dryers, it makes sense to partner with an expert in the maintenance and repair sector.

Once your maintenance and repair plan is in place, you can rest assured knowing that our technicians will keep your commercial washing machines and dryers working optimally. If you have questions about our maintenance and service plans or you want to upgrade your current laundry machines to modern laundry equipment, contact us to learn more about our sales and leasing options. We can help you source the best laundry equipment for your business needs and budget. Give us a call today at 855-254-9274 for a FREE quote.