Residential Washer and Dryer Leasing in Miami

Used card or coin operated laundry machines

As a Miami apartments building manager or rental homeowner, leasing a commercial washer and dryer set or commercial laundry equipment for tenants to use may be a smart move for several reasons. Whether you are renting out a two-bedroom apartment, hosting guests in your short-term downtown rental, or owning multiple beach homes for rent in Miami, Florida. Leasing an in-unit washer and dryer set will ensure your renters and tenants stay happy.

Benefits to having washing machines and dryers available in residential rentals include:

● It will ensure your rental has a higher rating and better guest or tenant satisfaction.

● It will allow you to charge more for rent as apartments in Miami, FL. with washers and dryers are more desirable.

● It will give you an easy way to earn a passive income through coins, cards, or app-operated laundry machines.

  Why Lease Commercial Washers and Dryers?

When you lease a commercial washer and dryer set for your property rentals in Miami through Commercial Laundries, you are not only getting top-quality laundry equipment, but you are also getting the following:

● Eco-friendly and energy-star-rated machines keep your energy and water bills low while providing a faster and more efficient laundry experience

● Excellent customer service, as we are a family business that has been serving Florida for over 50 years with a reputation for establishing long-term client relationships

● Top-tier service including a maintenance team experienced and certified in all new laundry technology and upgrades, extending the machines’ lives and keeping them in top condition

At Commercial Laundries, we have installed our laundry machines and smart-card systems into over one thousand condos, townhomes, and apartments in South Florida.

  Commercial Laundry Facilities in Rental Buildings

If you are considering starting your laundry facility or leasing other laundry equipment in your luxury apartments, condos, or townhomes in Miami, our team can help you with that. Whether you want coin laundry machines, card laundry machines, or app-run washers and dryers, our certified team excels in making your laundry business the best by assisting you with the following:

● Deciding on the best machines for your unique facility

● Helping you strategize and plan the facility based on your environmental needs

● Getting the laundry room set up with fast machine delivery times

● Setting up a payment plan that will work for you

● Providing routine maintenance, service, and repairs as needed throughout your leasing contract

If you are considering setting up a larger-scale laundry facility in your rental building with Commercial Laundries, you can opt to have a customized partner program. This would allow us to become equipment managers as well as your laundry facility management partner. In this program, our team will take over the management and maintenance of the building’s laundry equipment, providing building managers and rental agents the ability to step back and still earn a passive income. We provide superior service, theft deterrence, and customer retention strategies that deal with repairs, graffiti, coin jams, customer complaints, etc., guaranteeing the best possible gains.

 Call Commercial Laundries for All Your Commercial Laundry Equipment Needs

At Commercial Laundries, we lease out dependable, long-lasting, durable, energy-efficient, high-performance laundry machines built by brand names you can trust like Whirlpool, Speed Queen, Miele, and Maytag.

Whether you own rental properties on Dania Beach, apartments near North Miami, a Florida apartment close to University Park, or a downtown condominium, consider leasing them from Commercial Laundries. Our team of expert salespeople is standing by now to take your call. Contact Commercial Laundries today at 855.254.9274 to learn more.