Best Front Load Washing Machines of 2022

Best Front Load Washing Machines of 2022 (1)

Commercial front loading washers and dryers are popular models for many types of laundry facilities throughout Miami. Saving space with high-efficiency stackable front load commercial washers and dryers makes use of small spaces, like condominium laundry facilities. If your business is in the market for new front-loading commercial washing machines and dryers, get to know the best options for 2022.

  Why Choose Front-Loading Washing Machines Instead of Top-Loading Washing Machines?

There are many advantages associated with front-loading washers and dryers that top-loading washers/dryers don’t offer. Here you can learn more about why you should choose a front-loading machine:

  1.   Greater Capacity

If you look inside a top-load washer, you’ll see that there is a central axis. That part of a top load washer takes up laundry space. A front-loading washing machine does not have a central axis. Front-load washers are hollow inside, which allows for greater washing capacity.

  1.   Energy Efficient

Since a front-load washer has a greater wash load capacity than a top-load washer, it’s more energy efficient. You will need to perform fewer wash cycles to wash your laundry. Less capacity requires a greater number of wash cycles, which increases the use of water and energy, as well as your costs for water and energy. Shop for a front load washing machine and dryer set with Commercial Laundries Inc. today.

  1.   Compact Design and Stackable Machines

Saving space is important for commercial laundry businesses. Choosing a stackable front load washer-dryer combo means you can make more efficient use of your space. In short, with a stackable washer and dryer set, you can fit more laundry machines in your usable space, making you more money and saving you and your tenants time.

  1.   Cleaning Performance

A commercial front-load washer will provide excellent cleaning performance, and it removes stains better on the whole than a top-load washer. Why? Because the machine’s drum spins faster, creating more friction to enhance the cleaning action.

  Commercial Frontloading Washing Machines of 2022

Today’s top washing machine brands like Speed Queen, Miele, Maytag, and Whirlpool offer a myriad of special features to look out for when shopping for the best Energy Star-certified machines. The best Speed Queen, for example, will have:

  1. Smart Capabilities: Look for front-loading commercial washing machines with smart features like card-operated payment systems, remote adjustable cycle times, wifi-connected functionality, and more.

  2. Ultra Large Capacity: Compact washers may not accommodate large laundry items like a kingsized comforter. Shop for a commercial washer that has an ultra large capacity because it cleans items in larger load sizes for improved energy efficiency.

  3. Speed Wash Function: The faster your laundry machines wash, the more wash cycles you can provide for residents of your facility. Long washing times mean that your machines wash fewer loads of laundry and earn less profit. Your customers will prefer front loaders with a quick wash option.

  More Functionality in 2022 Front-Loader Washing Machine and Dryer Sets

As you shop for your front-loading washing machine and dryer, look for extra features like an automatic detergent dispenser, self-cleaning cycle, multiple wash options (a smart washer usually has more), and steam clean function, sanitizing cycle, reversible door, several spin speeds, and more.

As you shop for a smart front load washing machine and dryer or 2022 laundry equipment like ventless dryers or stackable front loading washer and dryer sets, keep this information in mind to help you choose from top brands like Speed Queens and Miele. Call Commerical Laundries today for a FREE quote on your next laundry room needs at 855-254-9274.