New and Used Commercial Laundry Machines: Which is Better?

New and Used Commercial Laundry Machines_ Which is Better_

Benefits of Buying New Laundromat Equipment and Commercial Laundry Machines

When you purchase new cards, apps, or coin laundry equipment, you know that you are getting top notch efficiency, clean, energy-saving, and high-quality washers and dryers. You may wish to purchase new laundry equipment for your laundromat, in-building laundry facility, or laundry business if your wants include:

The Newest Technological Features

If you believe your customers will value app-controlled systems over outdated coin drop mechanisms, or if you are looking to take your laundry business in a more digital direction with monitoring energy and water use, pricing, and errors from home or your office, new commercial laundry equipment may be better for you.

The Most Energy-Efficient Model Available

Environmental technologies in commercial stack, front load, and top load washer and dryer sets are constantly improving. So, it is likely the case that the newer your model is, the more refined these features will be. Energy efficiency can save your business money while also being more environmentally friendly.

The Newest and Most Modern Looking Equipment

Sometimes it is worth it for laundry owners to purchase brand new equipment to make your business shine. When customers look through the windows into your laundry facility and your laundromat equipment is dingy and beat-up, they may make assumptions on the quality of the “clean” these machines will provide. Sometimes a new model will have an aesthetic that matches the look of your facility, or you may just want the shiniest, newest model, all good reasons to buy new.

How Do I Know If I Should Buy Used Commercial Laundry Equipment?

Laundromat equipment like garment racks, coin laundry signs, vending machines, laundry scales, bill changers, basket trucks, and even a water heater can all be purchased and used, but did you know that you can find high quality used and refurbished equipment that includes brand name commercial washers and dryers?

High-end refurbished laundry equipment can be purchased for a fraction of the price of buying new, and when you come to Commercial Laundries, you are guaranteed that along with the machines you will get:

High Quality Service

We are a family business and have worked hard to maintain a good relationship with every one of our clients throughout South Florida. We strive to establish long-term relationships by helping businesses thrive by keeping customers and residents happy with their laundry services as you make a tidy profit.

Maintenance and Repair

We have expert repair people and technicians who are well-versed in every piece of new and refurbished equipment we sell here at Commercial Laundries. We ensure our team has the leading certifications, education, and training they need to stay on top of the latest innovations in laundry technology and repair protocol. Leasing a machine from us includes a thorough maintenance schedule and repairs for the entirety of your contract.

Brand Names You Can Trust

At Commercial Laundries, we do not sell flimsy, generic laundry machines that will break down or fall apart. We buy back only the best top and front load washer and dryer sets, and our expert team ensures they are back in tip-top shape before selling them. Brand names we carry include Maytag, Whirlpool, and Speed Queens.

Energy Star Rated Equipment

As a green company, we pride ourselves at Commercial Laundries in selling environmentally friendly, energy star rated and DOE-compliant laundry machines that use less electricity, gas, water, and detergent than other brands use. Purchasing high-end used machines not only helps avoid more metal in the landfill, but our maintenance and repair team will ensure it is up to our high standards and running at an efficient level, thereby increasing your profits while reducing your ecological footprint.

Contact our team for pricing details and to learn how you can lease your own commercial washers and dryers today. Whether you are looking for front load washer and dryer sets, top loads, accessibility-friendly options for people in wheelchairs or those who have mobility issues, or if you are not sure what you need, our customer service team is standing by to help you make your commercial laundry business more profitable, more energy-efficient, and more popular than your competition.

We also offer tax-deductible leasing options that include service and maintenance, customized payment plans, and a quick turnaround time. Whether you buy your next Speed Queen washer, stack washer-dryer set or coin slide commercial washing machines from us, new or used, your satisfaction is guaranteed.