App Controlled Front Load Washing Machines Miami

App Controlled Front Load Washing Machines Miami

What is an App Controlled Front Load Washing Machine?

Front-load washing machines are high-efficiency, are quieter, are more accessible to those in wheelchairs, and they generally cause less wear and tear on clothing than top-loading machines do. They are also usually a smaller and stackable washer that fits on top of a dryer for space-saving in apartments and small spaces, vs the top load washer that needs to fit side-by-side.

If you are wondering what an app-controlled front-load washing machine is, and why so many Miami residents are choosing to purchase them over a traditional washing machine, you are not alone.

When searching for new major appliances, learning about the new technologies like smart washers and dryers may be overwhelming, especially when you do not know what they are for. There is a common joke about checking your social media on your fridge or playing solitaire on the stove, but in truth these “smart” home appliances are a valuable time saver for many people.

App-controlled frontload washers are Wi-Fi-enabled washers that make doing your laundry even more convenient by connecting to your household Wi-Fi network, allowing you to control them remotely through your phone, tablet, or via your Google Assistant, Amazon Echo, or Alexa.

Features and Settings

With an app-controlled, AI-power front load washing machine, you have the choice of setting your laundry choices manually, using the traditional dials and buttons on the control panel of your home appliances, but you also have the option of starting, stopping, and scheduling laundry cycles for a different time through an application that works like a remote control on your phone or other device while you are away from the stackable washer.

These frontload washers also allow you to monitor your laundry load remotely, keeping an eye on things while you are out running errands, providing you with more control over your laundry loads, all from the convenience of your phone or tablet. This makes it so that wherever you are, you are on top of what is happening in the laundry room with your laundry appliance washer and dryer set.

Other features an app-controlled front load washer provides include:

  •   Smart washer troubleshooting programs and maintenance reminders, allowing the machine to detect and report issues directly to you, notifying you of the issue immediately so there will be no surprises when you get home. Some machines will even notify you if you are out of laundry detergent so you can pick more up while you are out, or whether you need to select a different setting for the best fabric care
  •   A clean and sophisticated look, with some models featuring a touch screen
  •   Dryer syncing technology, in which the washer “speaks” to its paired matching dryer that come with it in a washer and dryer set, transmitting the wash cycles’ settings so that the dryer can create a plan that will work best for your clothes to properly tumble dry
  •   Memory features using AI power that allow these laundry appliances to “remember” your preferences and routines, suggesting changes if laundry errors are detected, such as choosing the wrong program for the load, stains removal, or providing fabric care suggestions
  •   The ability to use voice commands to control laundry settings
  •   Alerts to tell you information about your laundry, including when the wash cycle is complete, and the clothes are ready for the gas or electric dryer
  •   Automatic program selection, with the machine choosing the most suitable program for your loads of laundry, including the amount of water and energy to use, after giving it the necessary details. Some machines can even auto-adjust the amount of laundry detergent after weighing the load
  •   The ability to check how much energy and water your machine is using for your loads of laundry in real time through the laundry app
  •   Other easy-to-use wifi connected programs such as a drum-cleaning cycle and steam-washes may be offered through your favorite wash machine apps

Brands Offering Washing Machine App Technology

Some of the most popular brands of front-load app-controlled washing machines available today include:

  •   Samsung frontload washers
  •   Maytag washing machines set with Maytag dryer
  •   LG smart energy star certified washers
  •   Speed Queens washers
  •   Electrolux smart dial front load washer

Whether you go with a brushed black Samsung, front control Speed Queens, or another energy star certified smart washer, purchasing an app-controlled laundry appliance like a front load washer with wifi connection capability makes a lot of sense. You still have all the traditional options that an older model of washing machine affords, with the addition of convenient programs and features in your laundry app that will only make your life easier and more efficient. When you use an application controlled front load washing machine, your clothes will come out spotlessly clean, and your laundry day will feel effortless.