Front Loader vs Top Loader Commercial Laundry Equipment

Front Loader vs Top Loader Commercial Laundry Equipment (

Identifying the key differences between front loader and top loader laundry machine units will help you make the right purchase for your laundry facilities.

When it comes to your laundry facility and commercial laundry equipment, you must not only consider the needs and desires of your residents, but also the maintenance requirements of your amenity.  Front loader and top loader laundry machine systems have many benefits to serve your patrons and make your laundry room more efficient.  Here are several key differences to consider before choosing between front loading or top loading washers and dryers.

Front Loading Washers and Dryers

Front load machines will cut your utility costs and help save on space.  As for your residents, their unique design will cater to a wider demographic and deliver optimal performance with their innovative features.

Lower Utility Costs:  Front load models use less water and energy, even when compared to new high-efficiency top loading machines, making them a great Energy Star option.

Less Water Required:  Because of their unique design, front loading washing machines use less water attributed to their sophisticated washtub rotation.  Their tumble motion distributes detergent and water evenly, requiring fewer resources, and less water means less energy to heat up a large washtub.  With each wash cycle, you will save a few gallons of water, adding up significantly over time.

Better Water Extraction:  With front loading washers’ high RPM spinning speeds, more water is extracted, leading to less moisture in garments, requiring less time in the dryer.

Optimal Stain Removal Results:  Research shows that a front load washing machine has greater stain removing capabilities than top loading washers because of their spin cycle design and tumble motion.   With the spinning of the washtub, garments are scrubbed together rather than washed in the twisting motion of a top loader.  Tumble wash motion is more effective at removing soils and stains from fabrics, using gravity to get the job done.

Newer Models Fewer Issues: In the past, people have been turned off to top load washing machines for some minor maintenance issues.  Newer machines are easier to care for than older front loading models, and with their pause button option, users can now add garments in the middle of a cycle.

Stackable Washer and Dryer Options:  A front design permits stack laundry machines which are great options to save space in your laundry facility and maximize capacity.

ADA Compliant: Equipment that has no more than a 48” height from the ground is ADA compliant making front loading machine the best option to serve your handicapped patrons

Top Loading Washers and Dryers

Top loading machines are easy to maintain and service, making them great investments with fewer upkeep costs.  They are also widely accepted by patrons for their familiarity and soaking options.

Familiar and Well-Accepted by Patrons:  These crowd pleasers have been around for decades and are often preferred for their deep wash tubs and familiar features.

Less Maintenance:  Top load design allows water to easily evaporate, decreasing the possibility of mold or mildew problems.  One of the biggest cons of front load machines is the need to thoroughly dry door seals and washtubs to prevent build-up and mold or mildew.

Soak-Ability:  For deep set-in stains, users can soak their garments in washers’ deep washtubs.

Easier to Load for Some Demographics: A top load washer is not ADA complaint vs front load washer units, however, it is often reported that loading laundry is easier for older demographics and users with back issues.

Easy to Balance Machines:  With a front load model, users must be vigilant of overloading washtubs as it could lead to machine balancing issues.  Top loading washing machines do not present the same issue and can usually take on a larger load.

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