5 Tips for Keeping Your Laundry Facility Clean

tips for keeping your laundry facility clean

Keeping your laundry facility clean can be made easy with a few minor adjustments to your amenity and a bit of collaboration from your residents and staff.

Even before these unprecedented times, fresh amenities meant good upkeep and attention from management.  Your residents do not only pay for their homes and apartments, but the comforts that are provided within your multi-family community.  With a clean and tidy laundry room, your residents will feel comfortable and safe doing their laundry. Here are several tips for keeping your laundry facility spotless and more efficient for your property.

Ways of Keeping Your Laundry Facility Clean and Safe

  1. Declutter for Efficiency

The more things you have taking up space in your laundry room, the more things there are to clean.  Minimalize your laundry facility and take-out unnecessary items that are cluttering and collecting dust.  Move out any vending machines to a more open space to avoid congregating.  Removing chairs and folding tables will prevent residents from waiting around for their laundry and encourage them to take it up to their apartment to be folded.  Eliminating physical things that are nonessential to doing laundry will create more space for your residents to move around and in turn enable more social distancing.

  1. Promote Collaboration

Get your residents involved in taking care of their amenities.  Ask them to do their part and give them some of the responsibility.  Providing cleaning products and sanitizing stations around your laundry room with friendly reminders to clean up after ourselves will lessen your job.  Furthermore, personal hygiene will help in keeping your laundry facility clean and your residents safe.

  1. Create a Cleaning Schedule

Routine and accountability are two important factors when it comes to keeping your laundry facility clean and fresh.  Before these unprecedented times, cleaning at the end of the day may have sufficed.  But in today’s world, it is essential to clean thoroughly and frequently throughout the day.  Establish a cleaning schedule and routine for your staff to follow and display a timesheet for your residents to view.  This will provide your tenants with peace of mind and hold maintenance crews accountable.

  1. Incorporate Cashless Payment Systems

Whether you have coin-operated equipment or smart card-operated machines, a cashless payment option is an easy system to incorporate for a more hygienic environment.  Mobile laundry payment apps are quick and easy to install and a convenient feature for you and your residents.  Through the smartphone application, tenants can pay for their laundry usage and connect to their chosen laundry machine.  This will provide your residents with a contactless and cleaner payment option.

  1. Take Advantage of Laundry App Features

With the mobile laundry payment app, residents can conveniently monitor their laundry’s progress from the safety and comfort of their apartments.  They can also locate vacant machines before entering the laundry room to avoid waiting and unnecessary contact.  Laundry payment systems also give owners remote access to their facility where they can monitor machines, track profits, and view resident usage and trends, all from an online database.

Here at Commercial Laundries, we have quick and easy solutions to spruce up your laundry facility and make it a cleaner environment for you and your residents.  Our cashless laundry systems are convenient and affordable and will help increase the value of your facility.   We also have competitively priced coin and card-operated laundry machines for purchase and lease.  Whatever your laundry amenity is in need of, we are here to help.

For assistance in keeping your laundry facility clean and converting to a cashless payment system, contact Commercial Laundries at, (855) 254-9274.