Card Operated Washing Machine Repairs

Don’t waste time looking for a reliable company when trouble knocks on your door. Have a trustworthy and dependable commercial laundry repair service on standby for when you need them the most.

card operated washing machine repairs

Having the right technical support and expertise for your card operated washing machine repairs will make all the difference. In an emergency, you want to know who you are going to call before an issue arises.

Choosing a company on the fly could lead to more problems than you bargained for. You need a company that has quick and reliable repair services that will not keep you waiting around. Commercial Laundries has expert technicians and a speedy response time. We also have a convenient prevention plan to manage and upkeep your equipment. We even have affordable replacement machines for when the time comes. 

Same-Day Response 

The last thing you need to do is wait around when one or more of your machines are down. Having any of your equipment out of commission will cut into your profits and customer satisfaction. With our same day or next day response time, you will never have to wait long to be seen by one of our technicians. We understand how important it is for your laundry facility to be operating at full capacity. If you need to repair card operated washing machines, give us a call, and we will take care of any issues you are experiencing right away. 

Factory Trained Technicians 

Many times, you will run into companies that have outsourced help. Knowing where your technicians come from and what they stand for will give you peace of mind when making that phone call. At Commercial Laundries, all our technicians are in house and full time. Factory trained and certified, our techs have never run into an issue they cannot resolve.

Their fully equipped van and access to our large warehouse ensure that you will never have to wait long to fix broken card-operated washers and dryers. We also have GPS in all our vans so that you can track your technician and know precisely when they will be expected. Our technicians are dedicated to upholding our high standards of customer service and attention, and that is something you can depend on. 

Factory Parts and Replacements 

When you call on a technician from another company, even if they visit you on the same day, there is no guarantee they will fix your broken card-operated washers and dryers right then and there. With our 15,000-square-foot warehouse, we will have a part for a replacement that you need, reducing your repair time significantly. All our quality parts are factory grade and reliable. 

Damage Prevention Plans 

If you have found yourself looking for card-operated washing machine repairs, it may be too late for preventatives. But for all your other machines, upkeep is pivotal. Often time-consuming, it is helpful to have a professional oversee your facility. To avoid repairs in the future, an extra set of hands would be most beneficial. Enroll in our service and maintenance package and potentially save yourself significant costs in repairs and replacements. One of our techs will routinely visit your laundry facility to perform services on your machine and prevent any substantial damages or replacements in the future. 

Machine Replacement Options 

If the time has come and it is no longer in the cards to repair your card-operated washing machines, we have got affordable replacement options for you. Buy new or used commercial laundry equipment and choose from our world-renowned products from Maytag, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool. To help you save significantly, you may want to consider renting your equipment. When you lease commercial laundry with us, your program is tax-deductible, and your service and maintenance is free. 

For more information on our services or fix broken card-operated washers, give us a call (855) 254-9274