Where to Purchase Commercial Laundry Equipment in Coral Gables

What type of equipment and customer care are you looking for when you purchase commercial laundry equipment in Coral Gables?

Purchase commercial laundry equipment in Coral Gables

When it comes to commercial washers and dryers for sale in Coral Gables, choosing the right type of equipment for your facility and demographic is key. There are many options out there on the market that can make laundry easier for you and your residents, from coin and card-operated machines to loading preferences to multiple payment options. You can also choose just how involved you want to be in your laundry operation. Enrolling in a service and maintenance plan will give you a hand in keeping equipment in tip-top shape. Commercial Laundries has outlined some of the products and services available for your laundry amenity.

Types of Commercial Washers and Dryers for Sale in Coral Gables

Coin vs. Card vs. Cashless

Coin-operated laundry machines offer you a lot of versatility, caters to all demographics, and is reliable and available in abundance. They are usually a more affordable and budget-friendly option for getting your laundry facility up and running. Opt for equipment that is well constructed with an integrated meter case, large capacity coin vault, and reinforced coin slots for increase dependability and security.

Card operated laundry machines are convenient for both property managers and residents as they allow you to monitor machines remotely. A coinless option also makes for a more sanitary and secure system. As a manager, your revenue is automatically and accurately audited for easy tracking from an online database. Your residents simply purchase smart cards and upload funds for all laundry purchases, and view their laundry status on their smartphones. With the elimination of coins, there is less threat of theft and tampering.

Cashless Payment Options

Take your laundry business to a whole new level with cashless payment options. Mobile payment systems are easy to use and offer residents a contactless option that is clean and convenient. Tenants simply download the mobile application to create an account and deposit funds. To operate machines, they scan the QR code via Bluetooth located on each machine. Smart card and mobile payment options allow users to receive alerts and notifications on their laundry’s progress and available machines.

Top Loaders vs. Front Loaders

Top loading laundry machines are your conventional machines that allow users to soak clothing for a deep wash and load clothing even after a cycle has started. They are robust and powerful and deliver on performance. Check out Speed Queen’s top loader, which features 27-wash cycles and an advanced soft mount suitable for any laundry facility.

Front-loading laundry machines have gained popularity over the years for their unique design that saves water and energy. Front-loaders don’t fill up with water; instead, they use their advanced tumbling rotation to distribute water for a gentle yet efficient clean.

Repair, Service, and Maintain Your Equipment

Even when you purchase Coral Gables commercial laundry equipment strong enough to withstand everyday use, you must remember that all machines need constant upkeep. Monitor washers and dryers and perform routine checkups to maintain the integrity of your equipment. For an extra set of hands, you may choose to sign up for a service and maintenance program where trained technicians will routinely come in and service your machines. This type of care will keep your facility running efficiently and help you avoid extensive commercial laundry repair.

Lease or Purchase Commercial Laundry Equipment in Coral Gables

When it comes to purchasing, you can choose to buy new or used equipment. Here at Commercial Laundries, we have new and refurbished equipment from premium manufacturers, Maytag, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool. We also have an affordable commercial laundry leasing program on our Coral Gables commercial laundry equipment that is suitable for any budget. All our leasing programs come with free service and maintenance to protect your machines and your investment.

When searching for commercial washers and dryers for sale in Coral Gables, contact one of our helpful representatives at (855) 254-9274 to help you make the right choice for your facility. Commercial Laundries has the dependable equipment and customer care you desire.