Where to Rent or Purchase Commercial Laundry Equipment

When looking to rent or buy commercial laundry machines, look for a distributor that will meet all your laundry needs beyond purchasing.

where to rent or purchase commercial laundry equipment

Commercial Laundries has been servicing the commercial laundry sector of Florida since 1972.  We have a large inventory of new and used equipment that is dependable and well-suited for multi-housing complexes, student housing, and the hospitality industry.  Along with our premium washers and dryers you can also expect reliable services and our professional support.  With our various purchasing and leasing options, we have the economical solutions to fit any budget.

Affordable and Dependable Washers and Dryers

Our dependable and robust equipment is built by innovative manufacturers that have been in the game a long time.  Maytag, Speed Queen and Whirlpool have centuries of combined experience and are among the most well-known household names.  These high-quality brands have some of the best card and coin operated commercial laundry equipment on the market at an affordable price.  Click here for a free estimate and for assistance in configuring your onsite laundry facility.

Energy Efficient and Cost-Effective Machines

Recent technological and innovative advances have made washers and dryers more efficient, saving you on water and energy.  Some characteristics that make modern machines energy efficient are their large capacity wash tubs.  More laundry being done at once in less time means less energy being consumed. Load-weight sensors can measure how much clothing is in each wash load and adjust water levels accordingly, resulting in less water being wasted.  With faster spin cycles, washers can extract more water and moisture, requiring less time in the dryer.  Energy efficient dryers are now equipped with moisture sensors to detect when garments are dry and end the drying cycle to conserve energy. Our energy efficient washers and dryers are sure to help save the environment and property managers money, one laundry load at a time.

Speedy and Thorough Installation and Service

When you rent or purchase commercial laundry equipment from us, we want to get your facility up and running quickly and efficiently.  Once your order is complete, we will start assembling your fleet of washers and dryers to be delivered and installed immediately.  Each machine will be connected and tested to ensure proper hook up and water and electrical efficiency.

Reliable Services

Whether you choose to rent or buy commercial laundry machines from us or another distributor, you want someone dependable you can call on if your machines start acting up.  With our sizable staff of experienced, in house technicians you will never have to wait long for washer and dryer repair services. Our large warehouse and inventory ensure spare parts and replacements are always available, resulting in quick fixes.

Lease or Purchase Commercial Laundry Equipment

Here at Commercial Laundries there are various economical options to suit your budget.   New machines are always great but when your budget is a little tight, consider gently used commercial laundry machines.  All our refurbished machines are durable, high efficiency, and rigorously tested to operate like new.  For a customizable option, rent commercial laundry equipment to best fit your needs and goals.  As an added bonus and saving, all of our lease customers receive free service and maintenance for the lifetime of their lease.

Expert Performance and Care

When you buy or rent commercial laundry equipment you want the support and professionalism of a company and their team even after your machines have been installed.  As the leading commercial laundry distributor in Florida, we have earned our reputation of dependability and supreme customer care.  Our team of technicians are among the most well-trained experts in the field and operate under our mission of excellence and diligence.  We have comprehensive service and maintenance packages to keep your operation running smoothly and our commercial laundry repair services are only a phone call or a click away.

Give Commercial Laundries a call at, (855) 254-9274 to buy or rent commercial laundry equipment today.