Commercial Laundry Equipment for Hotels

Bring your hotel up to the next level with a modern and updated hotel laundry facility.  With a few changes to your amenity, you could cut costs and save money and increase revenue.

Whether you want to start or upgrade a hotel laundry amenity for your guests, Commercial Laundries Miami has the ecofriendly, cost-effective equipment you have been searching for.  Make your amenity work for you and increase your profits.  There are many costs involved in running a hotel, and many unexpected costs at that.  The upkeep is one of the big ones, but we all know that maintenance is key.  Moreover, water and energy consumption are two more costs that don’t always get factored into a budget. 

When you choose the right equipment and company for your hotel laundry needs you will be saving more than you know.  Commercial Laundries Miami has reliable, Energy Star certified equipment and dependable service maintenance packages to help you save on utility costs and the headaches of repairs.  Contact our knowledgeable team today to get started on your five-star hotel laundry amenity.

Make Your Hotel Laundry Amenity Work for You

With the right commercial laundry equipment, you could increase your revenue and efficiency.  Washers and dryers are constantly changing for the better and many of todays models are good for your wallet and the environment.  Our premium machines will be sure to draw in a crowd and with our world renown manufacturers, Maytag, Speed Queen, Whirlpool and more, your guests will know they are ones they can trust.  Known for their robust construction and innovative design, our machines are sure to make a statement in your hotel.

When your guests travel, they are looking for luxury, adventure, but also some of the comforts of home.  Providing your clients with a clean and modern hotel laundry facility will offer them convenience that they won’t get from other hotels.  It’s the little things that count and by showing your guests how invested you are in their needs will encourage them to stay longer and return on their next visit.

Efficient Commercial Laundry Equipment

By upgrading your hotel laundry machines, you will increase efficiency and save your guests time.  Let’s be honest, your guests didn’t come all this way to be sitting around doing laundry.  That’s why they will be pleased to learn that our machines are quicker and more efficient that older, traditional models.  With fast spinning wash cycles and an advanced extraction system, laundry requires less time in the dryer.  Our sophisticated machines have more cycle options, giving your guests more control over their laundry experience, allowing them to select longer or shorter cycles. 

Your guests will appreciate your efficient machines and the time it saves them, allowing them to enjoy their time in your hotel on other amenities.  Take for instance our impressive machines from Speed Queen.  These washers and dryers allow guests to receive alerts and notifications through a smartphone application, saving them even more time.  This application notifies guests when washers are available and sends alerts to let them know when their laundry is done.  Guests will no longer have to wait in line for machines or in the laundry room for that matter.  Guests can do their laundry while they are relaxing by the pool or out and about.

Environmentally Friendly Coin Laundry Machines

Outfitting your hotel laundry amenity with quality machines will also help you do your part for mother nature.  Our High Efficiency commercial laundry equipment is Energy Star certified, ensuring you that they are cost-effective and energy efficient.  Designed to operate on less water and electricity, these machines significantly reduce utility costs and increase efficiency.  HE washers use 50% less water that conventional models, requiring less energy to heat water.  These innovative machines will save your guests time and you money on utility costs.

Hotel Laundry Equipment with Commercial Laundries Miami

Adding or upgrading a hotel laundry amenity may seem like it comes with many decisions, but with our knowledgeable team of professionals and technicians we want to make this process as simple and affordable as possible.  Here at Commercial Laundries we have machines and plans to fit all kinds of budgets.  Whether you are looking to buy new equipment or lease, we have got you covered.  When you partner or lease with us, we have convenient service maintenance packages to help keep your laundry facility running at its peak.  Through our leasing programs all service and maintenance are include for the lifetime of the lease to help protect your investment and take away the headaches of maintenance and repairs. 

Keep your guests happy with a modern and reliable hotel laundry amenity they desire.  Contact Commercial Laundries Miami at 855-254-9274 to get started today.