Tips On Going “Green” From Commercial Laundries

Tips on going green from Commercial Laundries _

Tips from Commercial Laundries on how you can be more environmentally friendly with a green laundry system.

These days, being environmentally conscious is imperative to all of us.  Everyone is looking for more eco-friendly options and companies that support their social and environmental values.  Turning your laundry facilities green doesn’t have to be expensive nor literal in color.  In fact, with a little investment in equipment and your mentality, you can end up saving a lot in the long run.  Laundry doesn’t always have to be dirty; it can be clean and “green” with just a few adjustments to your business. 

Here are some tips for a green laundry business in today’s eco-friendly world.

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Energy-Efficient Equipment

Replacing dated equipment in your business may not always have the cheapest up-front costs but will help you save money in more ways than one.  By changing out your older washing and drying machines for more energy-efficient models, you will see immediate cuts in your utility bills.   Newer models use less water, require less energy and less detergent, thus resulting in less waste emission and a green start to your laundry services.  If purchasing new equipment is not an option just yet, leasing laundry equipment may be the right option for you.   Contact Commercial Laundries, where our sales team will work with your budget and your green laundry goals. 

Another relatively inexpensive way to saving money and energy is by looking at your lighting.  The electricity used over the lifetime of your light bulbs may be costing you a lot more than you think.  Consider more eco-friendly options such as compact fluorescent or LED which are longer-lasting, more durable and energy-efficient.  Additionally, the use of a timer or dimming the lights during the day could add to extra savings.

Human, Garment and Environmentally-Friendly Products

Green laundry products are a step in the green direction.  Conventional products contain harsh chemicals that are not good for your tenants’ health or their laundry.  These harmful chemicals eventually end up in our waters that negatively affect ecosystems and marine life.  Have your tenants use products that are less abrasive and eco-friendly.

Dryer sheets are known to be very toxic and full of chemicals. They may smell delicious but contain a lot of chemicals and neurotoxins that adhere to clothing and cause deterioration over time.  Not only are they bad for our clothing, but they vent into the air and rub off on our skin.  As an alternative, offer more natural or organic solutions such as wool dryer balls or throw in a ball of dried lavender.

Maximize Drying Time

While using our commercial dryers, there are many ways that you can shorten your drying time. Cleaning the lint filter frequently will help increase the speed of drying time and is less harsh on the dryer itself. It’s important to keep the lint filter clean to also ensure that the dryer does not overheat.

Be The Example

It’s all in the details of your green laundry operation and your mentality.  Eco-consciousness in your business will help you implement sustainability.  Offer recycling options for hangers and detergent containers, have a bulk-refill option available and provide recycling bins in your facilities.  Remember to get your team members on board.  Unity shows your true commitment to a green laundry business and showing that you care is contagious.   Sometimes we may not even consider the damage that we are doing to our planet, but if we lead by example, others will follow. 

Eco-friendly and quality services lead to customer loyalty and a positive impact.  Therefore, the green laundry business is smart business. To learn more about Commercial Laundries, contact us online or call us at (305) 699-3956.