Buy Credit Card Operated Laundry Machines for Apartments in Miami

credit card operated laundry machines

Upgrade your laundry facility with card operated laundry equipment.

Have you considered the wonderful benefits that credit card operated laundry machines offer you and your patrons? Card operated laundry equipment is quickly becoming a luxury commodity to anyone who uses a commercial laundry facility to wash their laundry.

That is because credit card operated laundry machines provide a great convenience that coin-op machines don’t provide. Simply put – you never have to collect coins to wash your laundry again.

Money Card Laundry Machines

Tenants appreciate the fact that they can wash their laundry at any time, using their laundry card. And they can credit their card in your laundry facility using the CleanPay kiosk. They have discovered that card operated laundry equipment is an easy and convenient service amenity that deserves recognition. And the benefits also extend to laundry business owners too.

The laundry credit card is an easy method of payment for the consumer. Each laundry transaction that takes place in your laundry facility is recorded electronically, and all transaction data is easily accessible by you for bookkeeping purposes. You will have all the information you need about who and when laundry services were performed.

With new card technology, each laundry transaction places a debit on the laundry card used, and the amount is credited to your account. You can easily access transaction data remotely using a web-based application. Money card laundry technology also performs other tasks:
• Alerting you if there is a power outage or other problem in your laundry facility.
• Patrons can find out how many credit card operated laundry machines are available at any given time.
• If an electronic refund is needed, you can perform that action immediately.
• Patrons can also be notified when their laundry cycle is completed.
• You can incrementally change prices, and set scheduled pricing discounts for off-peak hours, etc.

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Laundry Equipment for Credit Cards

Now you can begin to enjoy the many benefits of our premium money card laundry machines:

• Credit card operated laundry machines are easy to use, just slide the card through the scanner located on the machine and the machine will be engaged for use.
• Patrons will have a balance of all their laundry transaction data, and they will never have to collect coins again for laundry tasks.
• You can choose from a fine selection of our money card laundry machines in front and top loading models.
• We carry world famous premium brands like Speed Queen, Miele, Maytag, and Whirlpool.
• If you have a small laundry facility and need to maximize space, we also have stackable credit card operated laundry machines.
• All of our card operated laundry equipment is Energy Star certified to deliver cost-effective savings in water, gas and electric costs. You can save thousands of gallons of water annually with our fine laundry machines, lowering your costs and protecting this vital natural resource.
• Our laundry equipment is built with solid construction for durability, high performance, and longevity, and undergoes rigorous testing to meet the high standards of our industry.
• Our washers have advanced agitation and extraction features that deliver a cleaner and drier laundry outcome, requiring less dryer time.
• You may also want to include some of our ADA compliant laundry machines specifically designed to serve the handicapped community.

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