Multi-Housing Laundry Equipment for Sale and Lease 

multi-housing laundry

Get premium laundry equipment for your multi-housing laundry room. An on-site laundry room is a great amenity for a multi-housing property. If you own or manage this type of property, you should consider adding this valuable service for your tenants. A multi-housing laundry facility is a great provision that attracts new renters and also helps…

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Miami Commercial Washing Machine Company

Miami commercial washing machine

Learn why our Miami commercial washing machines are a top choice. If you are at that crucial moment in time when your commercial washing machine equipment is starting to fail, have no worries. Commercial Laundries is an industry leader with the right type of laundry equipment to replace your old machines. We carry top-name brands…

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Where to Buy Commercial Washing Machines in Miami  

buy commercial washing machines in Miami

Buy commercial washing machines in Miami at Commercial Laundries, vendor of top-quality equipment.   Where can you buy affordable, high-quality commercial washing machines in Miami? At Commercial Laundries, of course! If you want to buy commercial washing machines in Miami to replace worn machines in your multi-housing laundry facility, we have the ideal makes and models…

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Commercial Laundry Equipment in South Florida 

commercial laundry equipment

Find top quality commercial laundry equipment at Commercial Laundries in South Florida.  Laundry business owners know the importance of having dependable commercial laundry equipment to run a successful business. But did you also know that with the right kind of commercial washers and dryers, you can save money on utility costs and increase your profits?…

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