Miami Commercial Washer and Dryer Sales

Commercial washer and dryerGet the best commercial washer and dryer machines in South Florida with Commercial Laundries.

Get top-quality commercial washer and dryer equipment from a leading Florida laundry vendor. Commercial Laundries is a trusted name among thousands of laundry business owners across the state of Florida. We have been serving laundry facilities since 1967, and continue to provide excellent laundry products and services to our clients. We serve all types of businesses including: multi-housing properties, hospitals, student housing, hotels, and more.

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We can help you realize your commercial laundry equipment needs based on your type of business, budget and available space. Our space saving stackable laundry equipment is used by many business owners who want to maximize the square footage of their small laundry room. We also address the needs of the public by carrying premium ADA compliant commercial washer and dryer equipment that I specifically designed for the handicapped community. You will find that we have the type of commercial laundry equipment you need to operate a successful laundry business.

Learn About Our Commercial Washer and Dryer Equipment

Our commercial washing machines and dryers are built to meet all of your laundry equipment needs. You can install machines built by world famous manufacturers like Whirlpool, Speed Queen and Maytag, who are known in our industry for their successful research and development projects that have created some of the best laundry equipment in the world. Here are some amazing features of our coin operated washer and dryer equipment:

  • All of our machines are Energy Star rated for cost-effective savings in gas, electric and water usage. You will be able to save thousands of gallons of water annually with our machines and assist in conserving this natural resource.
  • Our machines are built with metal components, as opposed to plastic, to withstand the rigorous demands of daily commercial use and still remain sustainable.
  • We carry both credit card and coin operated washer and dryer equipment in front and top loading models.
  • Our coin operated washer and dryer equipment is equipped with an easy coin-slide access to engage the machine, and the large capacity coin vaults are built to resist tampering and damage, and designed to reject slugs and foreign money.
  • Commercial washing machines are equipped with advanced agitation and extraction features that deliver a cleaner laundry outcome in less time, using less energy. Our washers also feature smooth stainless steel or porcelain enamel washtubs that help to prevent snags and damage to laundry.
  • All of our commercial washer and dryer equipment has digital display dashboards that offer multiple dispenser trays, wash cycles and water temperature selections.

Buy or Lease Commercial Washing Machines

We understand how important it is to have good quality, dependable machines to run a successful laundry business. And that is why we offer a variety of affordable options to our clients. All of our commercial washing machines, and dryers, are warranted and sold at competitive prices. We also carry used laundry equipment that has been rebuilt with quality parts, so that they work like new machines.

If your budget is especially restrictive at this time, we also have a popular leasing program that can give you the machines you need for your business without the high expense. All of our leased commercial washer and dryer equipment is tax deductible, and comes with complimentary maintenance and repair services for the lifetime of the lease contract.  One of our technicians will make regular visits to your laundry facility to maintain your machines, and assure that they are performing properly. Your leased equipment will pay for itself and you will be able to keep your revenue stream intact.

To learn more about our premium commercial laundry products and services, contact Commercial Laundries today at: 305-699-3963.