Used Coin Laundry Machines for Sale in South Florida

used coin laundry machines for saleGet the best coin operated washer and dryer equipment that will attract tenants and increase revenue.

Have you thought about bringing your on-site laundry facility into the 21st century? Many owners of laundry facilities are expanding their options to include amenities like vending machines or free Wi-Fi to improve the atmosphere of their onsite laundry area. If you have extra room in your facility you could add a variety of extras in addition to your coin op washer and dryer units. Selling retail has its benefits, which includes offering new services to your tenants plus adding another revenue stream to your company’s income. Laundry vending machines offer items like soap, bleach, fabric softener, dryer sheets, laundry bags, snacks, water and other beverages. Your tenants will be surprised and delighted to see the new additions. Want to learn more? Let the experienced team at Commercial Laundries offer you some pointers.

Of course the greatest way to improve your laundry facility is to have the best coin operated washer and dryer equipment. Upgrading your machines or adding a few extra is always a benefit to your business because it provides ample service to your tenants who depend on you.

As your laundry vendor, Commercial Laundries has some of the highest quality machines on the market. If your budget is tight right now, you may want to consider our used coin laundry machines for sale at competitive prices. You can upgrade to newer machines and rid yourself of old, sluggish machines that are causing problems. And adding a few machines at a time won’t break your budget, and our lease programs are customizable to your needs.

Our used coin laundry machines for sale are built by famous American manufacturers like Maytag, Whirlpool and Speed Queen. These companies are known world-wide for quality products that are built with metal components and not plastic. They are built to sustain daily consistent use, and provide an excellent laundry outcome every time. Your tenants will love the performance of these machines and their ease of use. You can have your choice of coin op washer and dryer equipment in a variety of models that offer many great features:

  1. Multiple cycle options and water temperature selections
  2. Easy to read and operate digital display dashboards
  3. Coin op washer and dryer equipment with secure, large-capacity coin vaults that are designed to reject slugs or foreign money
  4. Space saving stackable washers and dryers for facilities with a limited amount of space
  5. Front and top loading used coin laundry machines for sale
  6. Best coin operated washer machines with stainless steel or porcelain ceramic washtubs
  7. Powerful agitation and extraction features to reduce cycle timing, energy usage and deliver a cleaner wash
  8. Dryers are equipped with quiet but powerful blowers systems to quickly and efficiently dry laundry
  9. ADA compliant machines that provide easy access for the handicapped community
  10. Energy Star rated used coin laundry machines for sale that reduce energy usage and costs
  11. Chip resistant cabinets

As a leading commercial laundry vendor in Florida, we provide top quality merchandise and services to thousands of companies throughout the State. Our staff of mechanics and technicians is licensed, insured and educated in every advancement in our industry, and is highly capable of handling all your machine requirements.

As our partner ,you will have a team of experts to assist you in maintaining an efficient and successful commercial laundry facility. We also provide many services such as: delivery, installation, removal of old machines, maintenance and repair services, and Utility Assessment Reports. Our used coin laundry machines for sale are Energy Star certified by the U.S. Department of Energy to ensure that you are getting machines that will conserve thousands of gallons of water per year, and reduce energy usage and costs dramatically.

Isn’t it time to upgrade your laundry facility with some new equipment and increase your profit margin? To order the best coin operated washer and dryer equipment for your facility contact Commercial Laundries, Inc. today at: 305-699-3970.