Speed Queen vs. Maytag vs. Whirlpool for Commercial Laundry Machines

 Let us help you compare Speed Queen vs. Maytag vs. Whirlpool for Commercial Laundry Machines

Speed Queen vs. Maytag vs. Whirlpool for Commercial Laundry MachinesDoes purchasing commercial laundry equipment sound confusing to you? It doesn’t have to be when you have a great company assisting you in selecting merchandise options. Commercial Laundries is a leading commercial laundry vendor in Florida who carries the finest quality and most durable commercial laundry equipment. Our team specializes in educating our clients about different brands and models of commercial laundry machines. If you are comparing between Speed Queen vs. Maytag vs. Whirlpool commercial laundry machines, we can help you make the best decision. You will know what machines to select for specific purposes to make your laundry facility functional, efficient and cost-effective. Rely on the experts to assist you in all your commercial laundry facility needs.


Our Products

We carry American-made commercial laundry equipment that is renowned throughout the world, by such noted companies as Speed Queen, Maytag and Whirlpool. These companies are known for manufacturing benchmark quality machines. They set high standards on their products and use durable equipment to build them. Anyone who is familiar with these products knows that they are reliable workhorses that achieve high performance levels and excellent outcomes. They are designed to be energy efficient and cost-effective to bring you huge savings in operating costs. Any one of these companies’ products is an excellent choice for your commercial laundry facility. Let us examine the facts:


Speed Queen

Speed Queen began in 1908 in Ripon, Wisconsin, which is still the company headquarters. The company hires American workers with a strong work ethic to produce high quality commercial laundry machines. Their commercial laundry products last for years under the most demanding daily use, and home tested machines can last up to 25 years or more. Some of the many great features of Speed Queen commercial washers and dryers are:

  • Front and top loading machines and stackables
  • Durable commercial-grade metal-components used in machine construction; not plastic
  • Engineered industrial controls to withstand various climate environments, power surges and vibration
  • Improved suspension redistributes laundry during the wash cycle
  • Powerful agitation and extraction features to save time and money
  • Rugged steel drive components and stainless steel outer washtubs



The Maytag Washing Machine Company was founded by Frederick Maytag in 1893, and built its first washing machine in 1907. The company expanded into other areas and today the company retains well over 20,000 employees and annual sales are in the million-dollar range. Maytag commercial washing machines are durable and built with steel components. Other features include:

  • Large capacity washing machines
  • Energy Star certified to reduce energy usage and lower costs
  • PowerWash system improves performance and saves time and money
  • PowerSpray removes tough stains
  • Multiple cycle options including deep cleaning with steam
  • Stainless steel drums



Whirlpool Corporation, founded in 1911, is the leading appliance manufacturer worldwide and boasts $21 billion in annual sales and retains 93,000 employees. The company has 70 manufacturing and technology research centers that focus on sustainability, innovation and consumer needs. Some great features of Whirlpool commercial laundry machines include:

  • Large capacity machines with multiple cycle options
  • Easy to read and operate digital dashboards
  • Energy efficient to save on gas, electric and water costs
  • Chip resistant cabinets
  • High speed agitation and extraction features
  • Direct-Drive washer motor coupler isolators eliminate old belt-driven technology
  • Coin and card operated Whirlpool commercial laundry machines


As you can see, each company offers many great product features that will save you time and money, and improve your income stream. All of our products are Energy Star certified to offer reduced energy usage and water conservation. We also carry DOE compliant machines that are designed for easy access to be used by the handicapped community. There is no mystery to commercial laundry equipment when you buy or lease from us. We can walk you through the details and let you decide which options are best suited to your business goals and needs. To learn more about our great company and products contact Commercial Laundries, Inc. today at 305-699-970.