Card Operated Laundry Machines for Sale or Lease

Generate another revenue stream and entice future tenants with card operated laundry machines for sale or lease.

Card Operated Laundry Machines for Sale or LeaseIf operating a commercial laundry facility is a new venture for you, Commercial Laundries can help you select and set-up the ideal laundry equipment designed to meet your objectives. Our company offers both new and used card operated laundry machines for sale or lease in the State of Florida. Learning the ins and outs of running a new facility can be confusing and time-consuming. We take all the pressure off by providing you with the information you need to successfully run your business. We can help you select the perfect equipment that is designed to handle the wear and tear of daily use for your Laundromat or multi-housing rental property. We carry coin and card operated laundry equipment from such noted brands like Whirlpool, Maytag and Speed Queen, to assure that you and your patrons receive the dependable quality service you deserve. There are many makes and models to choose from, and you will want to know the differences between them all.

How does card operated laundry equipment work?

One of the latest advances in running a commercial laundry facility is in using card operated laundry equipment. Patrons prefer laundry card systems because it is easy to use their plastic card to engage laundry machines, instead of worrying about having enough coins on hand to do the job. All transactions are stored on the microprocessor chip imbedded in the card, and each transaction adds a debit to the card. Your patrons can easily add more credit to their card for further use by simply engaging a credit/debit card into the CleanPay kiosk system located in the laundry facility. Once the patron’s card is fully credited, all he has to do is swipe the card through the scanner located on the machine and the machine will be engaged for use. It is as simple as that, and it will also make collections and vandalism a thing of the past. Gone will be the days of emptying out coin vaults from each machine, because all transactions will be delivered electronically to one account location. This makes auditing and bookkeeping a much simpler task than what was previously done in the past.

We carry card operated laundry machines for sale or lease, depending on your needs. You can select from new or used laundry equipment at competitive pricing and begin to set up your new facility right away. Commercial Laundries offers installation, set-up, maintenance and repair services as well. We will keep your facility running at its peak performance level with regular maintenance visits. We maintain a 15,000 square foot warehouse fully stocked with laundry equipment and parts to better serve our clients with all their laundry facility needs. If there is ever a problem with one of your machines, your service technician will address the problem in a timely manner. You can have your new laundry facility fully stocked and ready to go when you partner with us. In addition to top-tier equipment, we will show you how you can save money on water, gas and electric while providing your business with an extra revenue stream. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Commercial Laundries does a large amount of business with its equipment lease option programs. These programs are designed for clients who do not have a large amount of working capital or want a professional to handle their Commercial Laundry needs. You can achieve the goal of having the laundry facility you desire without a large up-front investment. Your lease option is tax deductible and will give you an opportunity to start making extra money immediately. All lease option machinery receives regular maintenance visits free of charge for the lifetime of the lease.

You have the choice of selecting card operated laundry machines for sale or lease when you partner with us.  Our business is successful when your business is successful. That is why we pride our self on offering the finest commercial laundry card systems and impeccable customer service. Let us help you set up your new laundry facility today by contacting Commercial Laundries, Inc. at 305-699-3970.