Get the Most Reliable Coin Laundry Equipment in Florida  

Generate more revenue by adding used coin laundry equipment to your facility or rental structure

Reliable Coin Laundry EquipmentMany condominiums, multi-rental properties and student housing have their own on-premise laundry facility to accommodate their tenants. If you own or manage one of these types of facilities, you canget the most reliable coin laundry equipment in Florida from Commercial Laundries. We can assist you in setting up a new facility or equipping your present one with new or used coin laundry machines. Your tenants will be pleased with the great washing and drying performance of our machines, and the easy-to-use dashboard of cycle options. Having reliable machines in your facility is important to your business, and can increase tenant retention and also attract new tenants. Our laundry equipment, by top name brands such as Maytag, Whirlpool and Speed Queen, is reliable and built to endure continuous daily use.  If you are interested in purchasing new or used machines, we offer you competitive prices.  If your budget is tight and you cannot outlay a large initial investment, you can select from one of our very popular, tax deductible lease options.

Our coin laundry machines are available in front or top loading styles and we also carry stackables for facilities with a limited amount of available space. One of our technicians will inspect your facility and can offer you a free utility assessment report that identifies problem areas such as waste and over consumption of water, gas and electric. The report offers recommendations for improvement of specific areas, but the decision to address problems is completely up to you. Our coin laundry equipment offers many benefits to both you and your tenants, such as:

  • Providing you with the latest in green technology to deliver a highly efficient laundry operation
  • Having up to 50% less wastewater, and a one-third reduction in hot water and energy consumption
  • Machines that offer larger machine loads, high-speed extraction, and quick cycle completion
  • Your tenants will save time and have a better laundry performance experience
  • You will save money on water, gas and electric while you collect extra revenue from your laundry facility

If you are interested in adding additional machines to your facility, we also offer used coin laundry machines for sale that are also durable and reliable. All of our laundry equipment is Energy-Star rated and equipped with the latest technology to not only save you money but also to preserve the environment. Our company is committed to preserving the Florida environment so we only offer environmentally responsible coin laundry machines. You will be pleased with the quality performance of our products, plus the fact that you will be conserving natural resources.

Commercial Laundries employs our own team of technicians and mechanics who are expertly trained and fully licensed and insured. Our technicians attend hands-on continuing education classes to learn about the latest advancements in technology in our industry. They are well prepared and capable of addressing any problems that may arise with your coin laundry equipment. We also have a 15,000 square foot warehouse that is fully stocked with laundry equipment and parts to enable us to address repairs quickly. Repairs are performed in a timely manner so that your facility is operating at full capacity. Our technicians are given their own route of clients to service, and we find that this is an excellent way to build rapport and familiarity with you and your facility needs. Maintenance on your machines is performed on a regular basis, and is free of charge for all leased coin laundry machines for the lifetime of the lease contract.

Our relationship with you is of primary importance to us and we offer excellent bi-lingual customer service. Whether you want to improve and upgrade your laundry facility, or need an on-premises laundry solution for your business laundry needs, we have the ideal washers and dryers for you.  To receive more information about our coin laundry machines, contact Commercial Laundries today at 305-699-3970.