Commercial Laundry Equipment for Rent  

Commercial Laundry Equipment for Rent  Increase tenant satisfaction with affordable commercial laundry equipment rental programs  

If you are looking for a way to increase the appeal of your multifamily housing property and make it more desirable to prospective and current tenants, adding an onsite laundry room could be the perfect solution. A recent study found that an onsite laundry room was one of the top three amenities most desired by tenants, and it’s easy to see why. Having a laundry room on the premises is more convenient for tenants, because it eliminates the hassle of transporting heavy baskets to an offsite location. It creates a safer situation for residents because they won’t have to travel to a distant location to launder clothes late at night after work – they can clean a load of clothes whenever they have some free time, allowing them to stay onsite and spend more quality time with their families. In addition to making your property more appealing, an onsite laundry room solution also provides you with an additional source of revenue. And while you may have thought this valuable amenity would be too expensive to add to your property, Commercial Laundries has commercial laundry equipment for rent that makes opening an onsite laundry room incredibly affordable!

As the largest family owned laundry equipment provider to the multi-housing industry in Florida, Commercial Laundries has supplied thousands of satisfied clients with quality commercial laundry equipment for more than 45 years. You never have to worry about getting poor quality equipment with a commercial laundry equipment rental from Commercial Laundries; we only carry commercial washers and dryers made by the most reputable manufacturers in the industry, such as Maytag, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool. All of our commercial laundry equipment, new and used, is covered by a warranty, and all of our used washers and dryers have been inspected by trained technicians to ensure they are in working condition.

Commercial Laundries’ wide inventory of coin and smart-card operated commercial laundry machines includes a variety of makes and models so you are certain to find equipment that will perfectly match your tenant’s laundry needs. Our rental laundry equipment includes durable top load washers and dryers that feature simple, easy to use cycles as well as energy-efficient, ADA-compliant front load laundry machines that offer sophisticated cycles and settings. We even have stackable washer/dryer models that take up half the space of standard models while still delivering impressive cleaning power. With 15,000 sq. ft. of inventory, we’re certain to have exactly what you need!

Whether you have an apartment complex, senior housing, college dormitory, or a commercial enterprise, when you rent commercial laundry equipment from Commercial Laundries, we will make certain you have the ideal onsite laundry room to meet your tenants’ needs. One of our laundry professionals will assist you throughout every step of the process, from selecting the best location for your new laundry room to helping you choose the best commercial washers and dryers to outfit your new facility. We’ll make sure you have everything you need to create a laundry room solution that your tenants will love!

Contact Commercial Laundries at 305-592-7990 to discover just how easy and affordable it is to add an onsite laundry room with our commercial laundry equipment rental!