Coin Operated Dryers

Coin Operated DryersCoin operated dryers entice tenants and generate income

Give future tenants something to get excited about with a new commercial laundry facility onsite filled with coin operated dryers and washers. As a multi-housing property owner, you will be thrilled to learn this affordable amenity is one of the most sought after amenities of renters. It can help you increase renter retention, entice potential occupants and help you generate additional income. And, when you partner with the leaders in commercial laundry, you have a variety of options to help you find ideal coin operated laundry equipment all within your budget.

Coin operated dryers and washers are one of our specialties. At Commercial Laundries, we have been helping building and business owners install and stock their onsite commercial washers and dryers for decades. Everyone on our team is experienced and knowledgeable about what products and options will work best for your facility, tenant demographic and budget. From multi-housing rental properties, dormitories, senior housing, hospitals, commercial facilities and more, coin operated laundry equipment is our area of expertise!

To begin the process, one of our skilled team representatives will visit your physical location to learn more about your available space, current setup (if applicable), budget, need of your tenants, your laundry area wishes, etc. You will learn more about Commercial Laundries’ purchasing and leasing options, as well as the options of the equipment itself. Within our 15,000 square foot fully-stocked warehouse, you can find a massive selection of both new and used coin operated dryers in many makes and models. Each type of equipment has its own unique benefits and characteristics. Here is a short summary of some of our most popular choices:

Stackables. Coin operated dryers and washers come in stackable options, which can be an ideal solution for onsite facilities that are short on space. Half the size of regular equipment, they are just as efficient and heavy-duty as full-sized options.

Top loaders. Top loaders are considered the most traditional of all laundry equipment. Known for being reliable, durable, and solid, these are great options for tenants or families who have large, ongoing laundry needs.

Front loaders. Front loading equipment is considered the most efficient and is made with the latest technology. These machines are also ADA compliant, ideal for tenants who have mobility issues. In addition, front loading equipment is popular with tenants who like to conserve energy.

Coin operated dryers also offer ease of operation for tenants and make coin collection a breeze for building owners or property managers. Ask someone from the Commercial Laundries team about our various coin vault sizes to see which would work best for your collection schedule. No matter which you choose, you can rest easy knowing our coin vaults are made from the latest technology, which deters those with ill intentions from tampering and theft.

With so many affordable leasing and purchasing options, there is no better time to consider adding coin operated dryers and washers to your multi-housing property.

Contact Commercial Laundries at 305-592-7990 to learn more about coin operated dryer options and designing your new onsite laundry facility today!