Laundry Equipment Leasing

Laundry Equipment LeasingLaundry equipment leasing is easy when partnering with the leaders in South Florida!

Did you know that you can offer a top amenity to your tenants at an affordable price? With commercial laundry equipment leasing from the leaders in the industry, you can find just the right equipment at just the right cost. The fact is, multi-housing rental properties that offer this top requested amenity are more attractive to potential renters. After a long day at work, most people do not want to travel far from home to launder their clothes. Now, thanks to affordable leasing options from Commercial Laundry, you can offer this amenity onsite and also generate additional revenue for yourself.

You may be wondering how the process works. First, you will partner with one of our skilled team members who will learn more about your needs and the needs of your tenants. Whether you are installing an onsite laundry facility with commercial laundry equipment for the first time or revamping an older facility, your Commercial Laundries representative will be by your side each step of the way. To initiate the process, he or she will visit your onsite location to see your available space, current utility setup, tenant needs and also offer a free utility assessment. This assessment looks at your current utility setup and helps determine where inefficiencies may be occurring. Other aspects of your new commercial laundry facility will be determined, such as:

  1. Which brand and type of equipment you will choose – At Commercial Laundry, we only sell and lease top name brands to our customers. Manufacturers such as Whirlpool, Maytag and Speed Queen have built reputations of durability, reliability and solid design. In addition to top brands, we also offer a variety of equipment options such as stackables, front loaders and top loaders. Stackables are ideal for areas that are small on size but still need heavy-duty laundry options. Front loaders are made with the latest technology, are extremely efficient and ADA compliant. Top loaders, the most traditionally used rental laundry equipment, are great for large laundry loads and perfect for families with hefty laundry needs.
  2. Whether coin or card operated benefit your needs – When you decide laundry equipment leasing is the best option for your new commercial laundry facility, you will have the option of offering your tenants card operated or coin operated washers and dryers from Commercial Laundry. Coin operated machines are more traditional and have been used for quite some time. Upgrades have been made in the coin slide apparatus and in the coin collection vault. Our slides and vaults are designed with tamper and theft-deterrent construction, so you can rest assured that your generated revenue stays safe.
    Card operated machines work via a smart card and CleanPay kiosk system. Each tenant is given a smart card which is refillable through the kiosk located on site. This erases the need for tenants to carry large amounts of change or money with them to each laundry session. One swipe of the card through the card slide and your tenant will be able to quickly and easily launder their clothing.
  3. Choose new or used equipment – One last decision in your laundry equipment leasing journey is whether or not you need new or used commercial washers and dryers. If you are looking for more affordable options, ask one of our team members about our used equipment. Each piece is thoroughly inspected by our certified technicians and comes with a solid warranty.

With so many options when it comes to laundry equipment leasing, learn about which equipment and services would be best to help bring your multi-housing rental property to the next level. Attracting new tenants was never so easy!

Contact Commercial Laundries at 1-855-254-WASH (9274) and select your new or used commercial laundry equipment in our fully stocked 15,000 square foot warehouse today!