Used Coin Operated Dryers


Used Coin Operated DryersOffering a top amenity is easy with used coin operated dryers

Installing a functional and efficient commercial laundry area in your multi-housing rental property can become a reality thanks to used coin operated dryers and washers. If you have been contemplating starting this endeavor, consider used commercial laundry equipment that is in top working order from Commercial Laundries. For a portion of the cost of new equipment, our 15,000 square foot warehouse contains an extensive variety of used coin operated dryers and washer options.

We understand that the thought of purchasing or leasing used equipment may cause hesitation but we are here to put those fears to rest. Every used washer or dryer is rigorously testing by one of our full time, certified technicians. If the piece of equipment is not in top working order, it isn’t offered to our customers. And, for those that become available, a solid warranty comes along with it.

When it comes to purchasing used coin operated dryers and washers, working with a reputable industry leader is your safest and wisest choice. While it may be tempting to purchase equipment at an auction, garage sale, antique store, etc., this can be a risky endeavor. First, you have no idea if the piece of equipment is in good working order, and if it isn’t, it most likely cannot not be returned. In addition, it is unlikely you will receive a warranty with your purchase. Last, depending on the name brand and age of the machine, it may prove difficult to find parts or a technician who is familiar with the brand.

At Commercial Laundries, all of our used coin operated dryers and washers are manufactured from the top name brands in the industry. We place our trust in brands such as Whirlpool, Maytag, Speed Queen and more, as they have built a reputation for themselves over the years as reliable, heavy-duty, well made, and long lasting. By only working with these brands, we offer our customers’ piece of mind that they are receiving the best-made equipment that will operate for a long time.

Once you have decided that installing used coin operated dryers is right for your multi-housing rental property or commercial facility, let one of our skilled team members help you decide which type of equipment will work best for your available space and tenants. Our most popular model types include:

Stackables – Stackable equipment is compact, half the size of traditional dryers and washers and just as efficient and durable. This is a great option for buildings that have minimal space but are in need of a commercial laundry area onsite.

Front loaders – Front loaders are known for their efficiency and minimal usage of water, energy and detergent. These machines are ideal for users that are interested in conserving energy and are designed to be ADA compliant, perfect for tenants with mobility issues.

Top loaders – Top loaders are known as the most traditional of laundry equipment. Great for large loads of laundry or tenants with growing families and constant laundry needs, customers have been choosing this option for many, many decades with great results.

No matter which commercial laundry equipment option you choose, finding a coin operated version is easy in our fully stocked warehouse. In addition, you will have the choice of which coin vault size best suits your needs and schedule. For building owners or managers who cannot collect coins on a regular basis, ask our team about large coin vaults.

Choosing used coin operated dryers is simple and affordable when you team up with the leaders in the commercial laundry industry. Since 1967, we have helped countless customers throughout the South Florida area.  

Contact Commercial Laundries today at 305-592-7990 and get ready to make your rental property more enticing thanks to used coin operated dryers and washers!