Laundromat Equipment Leasing

Laundromat Equipment LeasingBuild your commercial laundry facility with affordable laundromat equipment leasing programs!

If you are the owner of a multi-housing rental property, you are most likely interested in offering services to your tenants and potentially generating income off of these services. Why not make an investment in an amenity no one can live without – a commercial laundry facility! Laundromat equipment leasing programs from Commercial Laundries makes this option affordable and easy.

As the leaders in South Florida in the commercial laundry industry, we have worked with countless customers who own or manage apartments, dormitories, senior housing, assisted living facilities, hospitals, commercial or industrial facilities and more who are in need of an onsite laundry facility. While offering laundry capabilities may have been on your mind, perhaps you were concerned with the financial aspect. This is what makes leasing such an attractive option.

When you partner with our team, we will customize a unique laundry equipment leasing contract that fits both you and your tenants needs and goals. Each program is specially designed to help you grow or begin earning extra revenue while you also save money on sewer, gas, water, and electricity.

Let’s face it – everyone has laundry needs. In fact, an onsite commercial laundry facility is so popular, recent surveys from the National Multi-Housing Council state that this amenity typically lands in the top three desired amenities from renters. Your current tenants and future tenants will be excited about the fact that this amenity is offered onsite and can save them money and energy having to haul large loads of laundry to offsite laundromats. In addition, when you work with Commercial Laundries, you will have your choice of new or used equipment from only top brand names in the industry.

Once you have decided if new or used options work best for you, one of our team members will discuss which types of commercial washers and dryers would be ideal in your facility. From stackables and top loaders to front loading equipment, our laundromat equipment leasing and equipment options are endless. Plus, our 15,000 square foot, fully stocked warehouse makes finding exactly what you need a breeze!

For multi-housing units tight on space, our stackables are just what you need. Half the floor space of traditional laundry equipment but designed to pack the same punch and be just as efficient, these machines get the job done and offer laundry options even when space is limited. Front loaders are made with the latest technology and are great if you serve tenants who are younger, environmentally conscious or have mobility issues. In addition to being ADA compliant, these machines are extremely efficient when it comes to water, detergent and electricity. Top loaders are considered your most traditional type of machine. The standard in the laundry industry, these machines are typically heavy-duty, reliable and great for families that have large laundry needs and are seeking an affordable option.

Once you determine which type of equipment and options work for your laundromat equipment leasing program, you will choose if coin collection or Smart Card equipment works best for you. Both offer a way for your tenants to pay for their laundry and you a way to generate income. Traditional coin sliders come with a variety of coin vault sizes, depending on your schedule and how often you can collect coins. Smart Card systems work with a kiosk which will be installed in your facility and a Smart Card given to each resident. Just a swipe of the card is all it takes to do a load of laundry, and you bookkeeping and data is electronically archived.

Laundromat equipment leasing is simple and affordable when you partner with the laundry experts. Call Commercial Laundries today at 305-592-7990. We look forward to helping you choose and install the commercial laundry facility of your dreams!