Lease Laundry Equipment

Lease Laundry EquipmentLease laundry equipment and attract tenants with the help of Commercial Laundries. 

South Florida is comprised of a large number of apartment complexes, multi-housing rental properties, dormitories, condominiums and more. If you are the owner or property manager for one of these property-types and have considered installing or updating an onsite laundry facility, but are concerned about budgeting and affordability, you may want to lease laundry equipment. That is right, your new commercial laundry equipment doesn’t have to be purchased upfront. Leasing commercial washers and dryers offers an affordable solution which will not only please tenants and attract potential renters, but also offers you a way to generate additional income.

When you partner with Commercial Laundries, leasing and installing commercial grade laundry equipment is easy. If this is a new endeavor for your property, rest assured that one of our skilled team members will be with you every step of the way. Commercial laundry systems are our pride and passion. In fact, we have been leaders in this industry since 1967. To begin, one of our representatives will visit your property to better analyze your potential space, your demographic and tenant needs, your budget, ultimate goal, unique needs and more. He or she will then help you explore your leasing options and assist you in deciding if new or used washers and dryers would work best for your needs.

In case you weren’t aware, all of our used commercial laundry equipment comes with a warranty. In addition, each piece is thoroughly inspected and tested by our full-time, certified technicians before it becomes available for purchase or lease. Once you decide used or new options are best for your space, you will have plenty options when you explore our massive 15,000 square foot warehouse.

Inside our stocked facility, you will find top name brand leasable laundry equipment. We only work with names such as Whirlpool, Maytag and Speed Queen, to name a few. These brands have built a solid reputation for themselves, and we trust our clients are getting durable and top-quality machines when they lease laundry equipment manufactured from these companies. Each model we lease comes with its own unique characteristics, including size, load capacity, laundry features and price.

Someone from our team will assist you in finding the perfect fit for your property. When it comes to laundry equipment leasing, you will have a choice of options including top loading, front loading and stackable.  Top loading is considered more traditional in terms of laundry equipment. It is a great choice for families that are large and have heavy-duty laundry needs. It is also a very affordable option. Stackables are great for spaces that are small, but still in need of durable and strong laundry options. Requiring only half the floor space of regular washing equipment, stackables are known for their efficiency and reliability. Front loading are known for being built with the latest technology and are extremely water and energy efficient. They are also ADA compliant, which is a great option if you have tenants with mobility issues.

Lease laundry equipment today with Commercial Laundries. Our systems offer a great way to entice potential tenants, increase renter retention and possibly provide a way to generate regular income. We promise to work with you every step of the way and ensure your complete satisfaction.

Contact Commercial Laundries today at 1.855.254.WASH (9274). Potential tenants will be excited about your top-of-the-line laundry system from Commercial Laundries. Our affordable leased laundry equipment is the perfect way to provide a top requested amenity in your multi-housing property!