Coin Operated Washers

Coin Operated WashersEntice future tenants and generate income with coin operated washers

Laundry is a part of life, but for tenants in your multi-housing property, it can be an easy and affordable task thanks to coin operated washers and dryers. If your property doesn’t already contain an onsite laundry area, now may be the best time to consider one. If you weren’t already aware, numerous studies show renters consider an onsite laundry facility within their top three desired amenities. Let’s face it, no one wants to travel outside of their community to a Laundromat, spending time and energy. With coin operated commercial washers and dryers, you offer a laundry solution near your tenant’s home and the possibility for you to generate extra revenue.

Whether you own or manage a dormitory, apartment building, condominium, hospital or commercial business, coin operated washers and dryers can make life easier for your building’s occupants. At Commercial Laundries, we have built a solid reputation for being leaders in the laundry industry! Decade after decade, we have worked with business and property owners throughout South Florida, discovering and implementing the perfect laundry solution for their needs.

In addition to our extensive 15,000 square foot warehouse that contains almost any piece of laundry equipment you may need, Commercial Laundries also offers incredible purchase and leasing options, plus a variety of new or used equipment that comes with a warranty. That is correct, even our used commercial laundry equipment is backed by a firm warranty.

Benefits of Coin Operated Washers and Dryers

If you have decided that setting up an onsite laundry area is your next step, we are here to help. Our purchased or leased coin operated washers and dryers have a variety of benefits you may not be aware of. First, coin operated machines are known as the more traditional set up for literally thousands of multi-housing properties around South Florida. These commercial grade, heavy-duty machines are known for their durability, power and simplicity.

Let’s take a closer look at a few features coin operated laundry equipment offers:

  1. Trustworthy Names and Performance – You are most likely familiar with the names Maytag, Whirlpool and Speed Queen because these brands have formed reputations over the years as dependable, well-designed products. We only supply our customers with top brand coin operated washers and dryers, ensuring you are getting the best product money can buy.
  2. Cycles Options – Each type of coin operated washer comes with its own characteristics, cycles and options. Our coin operated machines even allow you to determine different pricing for specific cycle types, and if cycles are run on more popular days during popular hours.
  3. Coin Vault Size – We understand you have a busy schedule, which is why our coin operated washers and dryers come with various coin vault sizes. From regular to high capacity, speak to our team members about your schedule and they will recommend the ideal option for your needs.
  4. Energy Efficiency – Decrease your utility costs with our energy efficient coin operated laundry equipment. By only working with the top names, that build the most efficient equipment, you can be confident that you are saving water and energy while also generating income.

Trust your new or renovated coin operated laundry equipment to the largest family owned laundry servicer in Florida. Since 1967, we have helped countless customers design and build a profitable and efficient commercial laundry area.

Contact Commercial Laundries today at 305-592-7990 and learn how coin operated washers and dryers can increase the attractiveness of your property!