Coin Operated Dryers

Coin Operated DryersIncrease tenant satisfaction with affordable coin operated dryers from Commercial Laundries

Are you looking to bring your multi-housing property to the next level? Did you know that adding certain amenities can not only help you entice potential tenants and potentially increase your renter retention, but could also help you generate some extra income? Onsite commercial laundry areas happen to be one of the top three most desired amenities sought after by renters. If you are currently considering adding an onsite laundry facility into your property, let the laundry industry experts at Commercial Laundries help you! With a wide variety of coin operated laundry equipment, we have everything your new facility needs. For decades, we have helped a wide range of property owners – from multi-housing, dormitories, apartments, condominiums, etc. – design and install the ideal onsite laundry facility for their property’s unique requirements.

Whether you are installing a coin operated dryer, or both dryers and washers, the experts at Commercial Laundries are here to help. Coin operated laundry equipment is a traditionally the type of equipment found in most multi-housing properties. The reason for this is that it is reliable, durable and offers property owners a way to increase revenue. With coin operated dryers, your tenants are able to dry their clothing for an affordable price and without having to leave the comfort of their apartment, school or condominium. This saves money in gas and time spent traveling.

If you are considering adding coin operated laundry equipment, specifically coin operated dryers, to your property, here are some incredible benefits to be aware of:

  1. Top Names and Performance – One of the top reasons we have built a solid reputation for ourselves in the commercial laundry industry is because we only work with reputable companies that have built brands known for their reliability and longevity. Some of the brands you will find in our 15,000 square foot warehouse include Whirlpool, Maytag and Speed Queen. Once our team members have a better idea of what you are looking for in coin operated equipment, they can share which brand may be best for you.
  2. Various Coin Vault Options – Similar to coin operated washers, coin operated dryers have options when it comes to coin vault sizes. For instance, if you are someone with a hectic schedule and you can’t collect coins on a more regular basis, you can take advantage of our high capacity coin vault boxes. If keeping coins in these vaults for a longer period of time worries you, rest assured that our boxes are made with the latest technology and designed to withstand tampering and damage.
  3. Cycles Options – Again, like commercial washers, coin operated dryers also come with a range of cycle options. From delicate to bulky, your tenants will appreciate the wide range of options they can choose for an affordable price.
  4. Energy Efficiency – Are you looking to have a more efficient onsite commercial laundry facility? If so, you will be happy to know that many of our brands are considered among the most energy efficient laundry equipment made. This efficiency will help conserve energy, water and detergent.
  5. Equipment Warranty – When you partner with Commercial Laundries, you can rest knowing each piece of coin operate dryer equipment you purchase or lease comes with an outstanding warranty. Even our used options have a warranty, offering you peace of mind.

Trust your new or updated laundry facility, stocked with coin operated dryers, to the laundry leaders of South Florida. Since 1967, we have been helping property owners and managers implement the ideal onsite laundry area for their needs.

Contact Commercial Laundries today at 305-592-7990 to learn more about which coin operated dryers would work best for you!