Laundry Equipment Card Systems

Laundry Equipment Card SystemsLaundry Equipment Card Systems

If you own property such as a multi-housing rental unit, you are most likely always on the lookout for useful amenities that will attract the eye of potential tenants. In addition, generating additional profit and using the latest technology to do so may also be a curiosity of yours. If this sounds like you, it may be time to consider installing an onsite laundry facility with laundry equipment card systems! Whether you are revamping an older commercial laundry area or building one from scratch, card operated laundry machine systems are simple to use and a major plus for tenants who are reviewing potential properties.

According to research from The National Multi-Housing Council, onsite laundry facilities land in the top three of most-sought after amenities. With this in mind, most tenants will find traditional coin washers and dryers at the properties that have onsite laundry areas. Imagine tenants surprise when they see your high-tech card laundry equipment card system! Not only will your current and potential tenants be excited, but these card-operated systems offer the property owner extensive benefits as well. For starters, your time commitment to handle collections is shorter. In addition, bookkeeping time is decreased and maintenance of the coin collecting apparatus is minimized. People are most inclined to use the system that is the simplest, and a card-operated commercial laundry facility offers them just that.

How Does a Card-Operated System Work?

One of the most common questions we receive is how does this card-operated system work. For starters, a CleanPay kiosk will be set up in your property’s laundry area. This is a centralized payment terminal that allows tenants to add monetary value onto their “smart card” by using their debit/credit card. Once the money is added, the machine will eject the refillable smart card to the tenant and the laundry process can begin. The tenant will swipe his or her card in the card control units that will be attached to each commercial washer and dryer in your facility. Once the machine confirms there is money available on the card, the wash or dry cycle options can be chosen and clothes can be laundered. It truly is that simple with a laundry equipment card system from the leaders in commercial laundry!

Property Owner Benefits

As mentioned earlier, these high-tech laundry equipment card systems offer a multitude of advantages for property owners. First, how does more time in your day sound? As a property owner, you are most likely pressed for time on a regular basis. With traditional coin laundry systems, there is often a substantial amount of time involved in collecting the coins and bookkeeping. With card-operated systems, you will have a digital trail and archive of all transactions and processes and monetary amounts will be calculated for you. In addition, maintenance and service of your machines is decreased as you do not have coin boxes and coin slides malfunctioning, being tampered with or stolen.

Make life easier and free up additional time to do the things you enjoy. At Commercial Laundries, we have worked with thousands of property owners who are seeking to design and install their first ever onsite laundry system or upgrade their current facility. We offer thousands of used and new makes and models in our 15,000 square feet warehouse. And, with a variety of purchase and lease options, we will help you find exactly what you and your tenants need in your price range.

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