Apartment Laundry Equipment Leasing

Apartment Laundry Equipment LeasingIf you are the owner of a rental apartment property and are not taking advantage of having an on-site self-service laundry facility, extra revenue is passing you by. Laundry facilities are a necessity in today’s rental market. In fact, according to a recent study by The National Multi Housing Council, 88 percent of renters interviewed consider an on-site laundry facility or in-unit washer and dryer very important. In addition, having a laundry area on site was also listed as number three in a list of 20 top amenities desired by renters. Offering potential renters this amenity can help increase the number of your rented units and improve tenant retention. Armed with these facts, isn’t it time to add or upgrade a laundry facility in your property? With Commercial Laundries, we have helped thousands of rental apartment property owners in South Florida with apartment laundry equipment leasing that will provide an area tenants  appreciate and that supplies you with additional revenue.

The first step in leasing commercial apartment laundry equipment is teaming up with one of our experienced laundry room designers. Your expert will take into account your available space, tenant demographic, budget, etc. Analyzing these aspects will help determine what type of leasable apartment laundry equipment is best for your property. For example, Commercial Laundries has worked with hundreds of apartment property owners that are in search of high-efficiency, high-tech laundry equipment for their tenants who are environmentally-conscious. If this sounds like something you desire for your property, we would suggest you consider leasing our state-of-the-art front loading washers and dryers. These types of commercial laundry equipment are built with the latest technology, help save water and energy, are simple to use, offer a wide variety of cycle options and are ADA-compliant. Leasing high-efficiency apartment laundry equipment is easy and fast, as we have thousands of new and used pieces of equipment in stock, ready to be delivered to your property.

Apartment laundry equipment leasing can also be tailored to tenants and properties that are seeking a more traditional type of on-site laundry facility. Commercial Laundries carries thousands of traditional top loaders that are cost effective for tenants, durable and heavy-duty. We only carry the top name brands in the business, including Maytag, Whirlpool and Speed Queen, so you can rest assured only the best equipment is being installed at your property.

For apartments that are tight on space, ask one of our team members about leasing stackable laundry equipment. A fraction of the size of traditional equipment, stackable laundry equipment is also known for its dependability and ease of use. In addition, depending on your schedule as a property owner and the expectations of your tenants, you will have the option of choosing traditional coin operated equipment or smart-card operated laundry equipment. Each type of system offers unique benefits for both you and your tenants.

Take your property’s amenities and your monthly revenue to an entirely new level by adding an on-site laundry facility to your apartment rental property. Our expert designers have worked with properties of all sizes, budgets and requirements, and will offer you several options that will work with your space and desires. Looking to improve tenant retention and excite potential renters when they visit your property? Then call Commercial Laundries today and inquire about all of our apartment laundry equipment leasing options. Our programs are affordable and our warranties are among the best in the business! Helping apartment rental property owners for decades, let the leader in commercial laundry equipment help you build a money making laundry facility in your property.

Contact Commercial Laundries today at 1.855.254.WASH (9274) to add an on-site laundry facility to your apartment building that will truly make your property stand out.