Commercial Washers Miami

Commercial Washers MiamiAre you a multi-house property owner in search of durable and affordable commercial washers in Miami? If so, Commercial Laundries has you covered with the largest selection of commercial laundry equipment in South Florida. Owning rental properties in Miami can mean a busy schedule, yet you understand how important it is to have an on-site laundry facility in the list of your property’s features and amenities. Perhaps you are new to commercial laundry room ownership and are unsure where to start. Not a problem, as someone from our expert team at Commercial Laundries will come to your property, analyze your current laundry facility or space and help you determine which commercial washers and dryers are best for your area and tenant demographics. You will be surprised at the various types of makes and models and different technologies available to make owning and running a laundry facility easy. For those looking for commercial washers in Miami, Commercial Laundries has multiple leasing and financing programs that will work for your multi-family rental property needs and allow you to install affordable laundry equipment.

Commercial Washer Makes and Models for Your Property

Did you know that there are dozens of brands and types of commercial washers, each unique in style and capacity, and made to fit certain sized areas? At Commercial Laundries, we have  hundreds in stock and only carry the name brands you know and trust, including Whirlpool, Maytag and SpeedQueen. Here are some of our most popular commercial washer styles for your Miami rental property:

  • Front Loading Washing Machines – Front loaders feature high capacity tubs, large front door openings, are water and energy efficient, easy and simple to use, and are a great choice for properties in need of ADA-compliant commercial washers. The sophisticated technology used in these types of washers provide users with a variety of cycle options and can handle multiple types of fabrics with delicacy and care. These are a great choice for Miami rental properties that cater to upscale professionals.
  • Top Loading Washers – Known as traditional washers and seen in most rental properties, these units are famous for their longevity and durability. Powerfully built, they are also the most cost-friendly and are ideal for younger families and single tenants. These machines offer standard and simple to use washing options at cheaper prices.
  • Stackable Washers – Is your Miami multi-housing rental property tight on space? If so, you are in luck, thanks to Commercial Laundries’ mega-selection of stackable washers/dryers. These machines operate at high speeds and are very durable. Even though your property may have a small space, our expert team can design a commercial laundry system that will meet the needs of your tenants and entice potential renters.

Once you have decided which commercial washer style is the ideal choice for your Miami multi-house rental property, you can take your decision one step further regarding if you want to install coin-operated or smart card operated laundry equipment. The coin operated systems available through Commercial Laundries takes traditional laundry options to the next level. These machines allow owners to set tiered pricing, according to the time of day, day of the week, cycle option and more. Our smart card options are for owners who know they have tenants with fast-paced lifestyles and who are looking for the quickest and easiest laundry solution. With just the swipe of their smart card, your tenants can use your laundry equipment instantly. As an owner, you can benefit with small incremental price increases and tiered pricing, which can help you generate more revenue.

Do not miss out on increasing tenant retention and drawing potential renters because your property doesn’t offer an on-site laundry facility. With Commercial Laundries’ affordable and flexible leasing and purchase programs, the perfect laundry system for your property is just a phone call away.

Contact Commercial Laundries today at 305-592-7990 and discover the ideal commercial washer system for your Miami property!