Commercial Laundry Equipment Miami

Commercial Laundry Equipment MiamiIn today’s rental market, properties in Miami are a hot commodity. And, as the owner or manager of a rental property you are continually searching for features that will make your property stand apart from the rest. Did you know that having a self-service laundry facility on premises is a top feature sought out by most renters? Add state-of-the-art equipment, and your property becomes an even more attractive option to potential tenants. Let’s face it, in the fast-paced Miami lifestyle, the last thing people want to do is have to leave their building or complex in order to have their clothes laundered. Installing top quality commercial laundry equipment in your property solves two issues – you create an additional revenue stream and a powerful incentive for prospective renters. Furthermore, with Commercial Laundries’ wide variety of new and used industrial laundry equipment, available through lease or purchase, installing a contemporary facility in your property is easy and affordable.

Quality Laundry Equipment Brands, Makes and Models

Wouldn’t it be a great selling point to mention your Miami property is equipped with the most innovative laundry equipment and accessories available on today’s market? With trusted brand names including Whirlpool, Maytag and Speed Queen, you can be sure you are receiving equipment that is durable and has a reputation for longevity. In addition, these brands offer a broad selection of washers and dryers that can be mixed and matched to suit the distinctive laundry needs of your building and tenants. For example, is your property lacking in extra space? Not a problem, thanks to the help of Commercial Laundries’ stackable washer and dryer combinations. These combos offer speedy, efficient laundry options that only take up half the space of traditional full-size models. Perhaps space is not an issue and you are looking for large-capacity front loaders. These are also available, each one equipped with energy-efficient, sophisticated washing and drying options, saving you money. And, if you are a property owner with frugal tenants, consider our resilient top loading laundry equipment that offers users simple and affordable laundry options.

At Commercial Laundry, we have helped a wide variety of Miami rental property owners create the ideal laundry facility for their tenants, no matter the budget or unique needs of the property. We specialize in card and coin operated, new and used equipment, both perfect options for apartments, condos, multi-family housing units, nursing homes and senior housing.


Evaluating Miami Rental-property Laundry Needs

Now knowing that an affordable, top-of-the-line laundry facility is available for your property, you may be wondering what your property needs and how to get started. In order to help prospective clients, the Commercial Laundries’ team offers a free Utility Assessment Report that can evaluate your distinct needs, and help you increase profit and save energy. This report is completed through a variety of tasks, all performed on a complimentary basis by someone from our team. First, a visit is made to your Miami property in order to assess and measure how efficient your current laundry facility is. Next, your utility bills are reviewed, machines are inspected and your laundry room layout is appraised to determine if the space is being used as best it can be. Once this is completed, you will receive a report that contains information, tips and recommendations that can help you generate more profit, and a competitive written proposal that can help you take the next step.

With our inventory selection, you can rest assured you are purchasing or leasing equipment that is tested by our technicians and also backed with a warranty. For example, our used laundry equipment comes with a limited warranty. If you purchase a new model, for instance a Maytag, it will come with a 5-year warranty. Whirlpool and SpeedQueen washer and dryer models come with 3-year warranties. We stand behind each piece of inventory and will work with you in order to help you find the ideal laundry equipment arrangement for your Miami rental property.

Speak to someone from our team today, and start generating additional revenue while creating an enticing feature for prospective renters. We look forward to providing you with the laundry equipment solutions you are looking for.

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