Commercial Washing Machines for Lease

Commercial Washing Machines for LeaseIf you are considering leasing commercial washing machines for your South Florida rental housing property, there are a number of factors to consider. Signing a commercial washing machine lease can have a profound effect on your financial situation – if everything goes well, you will have an organic addition to your revenue stream. If instead the washing machines are of poor quality and suffer from frequent break-downs, or the provider offering the commercial washing machines for lease fails to live up to their responsibilities, your financial security could be threatened as dissatisfied renters decline to renew their leases. To help ensure that your efforts to improve your property do not backfire, here are the essential 10 questions to ask when leasing commercial washing machines, along with Commercial Laundries’ answers: 

  1. Is the company offering the commercial washing machines for lease a reputable laundry equipment provider?
    As the largest family owned laundry equipment provider in South Florida, Commercial Laundries has built a sterling reputation for excellence by supplying thousands of satisfied business and commercial clients with quality laundry equipment for more than 45 years.
  2. Will I have to pay any upfront costs?
    No! With Commercial Laundries’ laundry equipment lease, you are only responsible for an affordable monthly payment per the terms of our agreement.
  3. Are the commercial washing machines for lease made by quality manufacturers?
    Commercial Laundries only carries commercial laundry equipment from the most reputable manufacturers, so the washing machines you lease will be manufactured by Whirlpool, Speed Queen, or Maytag.
  4. What types of commercial washing machines are available to lease?
    We carry two types of washing machines to suit every type of rental property and tenant. You can choose our durable top load washers, with simple, easy to use cycles, or our energy-efficient front load washing machines, with sophisticated cycles and settings that handle a variety of fabrics with ease; or lease both types to suit a variety of laundry needs.
  5. What payment system do your commercial washing machines use?
    Commercial Laundries leases both smart card operated washers and traditional coin operated washers, so the choice is up to you!
  6. Who is responsible for the cost of any necessary repairs?
    Commercial Laundries is responsible for the cost of all repairs as well as any parts that are needed; there will be absolutely no cost to you.
  7. Will an experienced, insured professional repair the washing machines in a timely manner?
    Yes; one of Commercial Laundries’ fully trained and insured technicians, experienced at providing commercial laundry equipment repair services in South Florida, will perform any needed repairs, and we are generally able to service your leased laundry equipment within one business day.
  8. What are my responsibilities under the washing machine lease?
    With Commercial Laundries’ laundry equipment lease, you will be responsible for collecting, counting, and depositing the revenue generated by the washing machines, and making an agreed upon monthly payment per the terms of our agreement.
  9. What other laundry equipment do you offer for lease?
    Commercial Laundries carries a full inventory of new and used commercial washers and dryers, as well as smart card and CVA terminals .
  10. Can you help me set up my self-service laundry room?
    Yes! One of Commercial Laundries’ laundry room experts will be glad to come out to your rental property to provide assistance. We will examine the available locations to determine the best place for your self-service laundry room, assess the laundry needs and financial situation of your tenants, advise you on the best laundry equipment choices to suit your particular needs, and patiently answer any questions you may have.  

When you lease commercial washing machines and dryers from Commercial Laundries, you discover that financing a fully stocked self-service laundry room is easier and more affordable than you ever thought possible! Call today to find out how our flexible leasing and purchasing options can make self-service laundry room ownership affordable for virtually every South Florida rental housing property owner.

Contact Commercial Laundries today at 305-592-7990 to lease affordable, quality commercial washing machines for a fully stocked self-service laundry room solution!