Commercial and Industrial Laundry Equipment Sales

Commercial and Industrial Laundry Equipment SalesHave you been searching for a one-stop shop where you can purchase all the commercial and industrial laundry equipment you need to open a self-service laundry room? You know all the reasons that opening a self-service laundry room is a wise business decision for rental property owners: this valuable amenity will enhance the rental experience of the residents of your multifamily rental property, which will increase their rate of lease retention; prospective tenants will appreciate having a laundry room on the premises of the rental property where they will reside, making them more likely to enter into a lease agreement; and you could certainly use the additional revenue that a self-service laundry room would generate. Travelling all over South Florida to obtain the necessary commercial laundry equipment to open your laundry room solution would be aninconvenient, time consuming hassle; fortunately, Commercial Laundries has everything you could need to open a self-service laundry room solution, conveniently located under one roof!

Commercial Laundries’ commercial and industrial laundry equipment sales have helped thousands of South Florida property owners outfit their laundry room solutions. All of our industrial laundry equipment is manufactured by the finest brands in the industry, so you can choose from Whirlpool, Speed Queen, and Maytag washers and dryers. One of the benefits of carrying quality laundry machines is that all of our equipment comes with a warranty; our Whirlpool and Speed Queen machines have 3 year warranties; our Maytag laundry machines come with a full 5 year warranty; even our used commercial laundry machines are covered by a limited warranty. Our vast inventory of quality industrial laundry equipment includes:             

  • Durable Top Load Washers and Dryers that deliver reliable performance even under continual, heavy use conditions, making them the ideal choice for rental properties that cater to budget-conscious tenants.
  • Energy-Efficient Front Load Laundry Equipment that is a hit with today’s young, hip, and ecologically aware residents. Sophisticated cycle options can handle a variety of fabrics without damage, making these washers and dryers the favored equipment of upscale condo dwellers and urbanite professionals.
  • Space-saving Stack Dryers that provide full sized power in half the space of standard commercial laundry equipment. These petite powerhouses feature superfast spin speeds that dry clothes quickly, a benefit that is a boon for busy families trying to fit in multiple loads.

As the largest family owned laundry equipment provider in South Florida, Commercial Laundries has the experience, knowledge, and quality laundry equipment you need to create a successful on-site laundry room solution. Our laundry room experts can help you with every step of creating your self-service laundry room: we will inspect your property to find the best location to house your laundry machines; assess your tenants’ laundry needs and help you select the washers and dryers that will best meet your requirements; and then provide expert laundry machine installation services to get your laundry room solution up and running quickly. Once your self-service laundry room is open for business, you can count on Commercial Laundries’ skilled technicians to provide expert commercial laundry equipment repair services to keep it working flawlessly for years to come.

Commercial Laundries’ flexible purchasing and leasing options make self-service laundry room ownership an affordable option for virtually all South Florida rental property owners. Our laundry room experts are waiting – call today to start enjoying all the benefits our South Florida self-service laundry room solutions have to offer!

Contact Commercial Laundries today at 305-592-7990 for all the commercial and industrial laundry equipment you need to open your self-service laundry room solution!