Laundry Equipment Leasing Financing

Laundry Equipment Leasing FinancingIf you are a South Florida rental property owner searching for a way to obtain quality commercial laundry equipment without making a significant financial outlay, Commercial Laundries has a variety of leasing and financing options that may help. Whether you are interested in opening a new self-service laundry room on your premises or looking for a way to renovate your existing laundry space with modern machines, our leasing programs may allow you to obtain newer, better quality laundry equipment than you ever thought you could afford. Join the thousands of rental property owners across South Florida who have found the answer to their financial difficulties in our laundry equipment leasing programs – once you are able to offer your tenants an updated, working laundry room solution, your lease retention rates should improve, new tenant interest will increase, and the additional revenue stream will combine with utility savings to leave you in a more secure financial position.

When you finance your laundry equipment through Commercial Laundries’ Standard Laundry Equipment Lease, operating a self-service laundry room becomes a vastly different experience than when you have to scrimp and budget to purchase the equipment on your own. Some of the reasons self-service laundry room ownership is so more rewarding when you enter into our leasing agreement are easy to see:

You can afford quality commercial laundry equipment.
All of the commercial laundry equipment that Commercial Laundries leases is manufactured by the most respected and trusted companies in the industry: Speed Queen, Whirlpool, and Maytag. We carry a wide inventory of energy-efficient card and coin operated washers and dryers, including sophisticated front load washer and dryers, durable top load laundry equipment, and stack dryers able to turn the smallest laundry room space into profitable real estate. Our laundry room experts can help you select the specific models that provide the best fit for your particular laundry room facility and your tenants’ laundry needs.

You can afford a completely matched, well-working laundry room solution.
If you have an existing laundry room solution, aging, poorly performing commercial laundry equipment can leave you with a lack of working machines and dissatisfied tenants. Replacing these malfunctioning washers and dryers on a piecemeal basis can give your laundry room solution an unprofessional, patchwork appearance. Commercial Laundries’ laundry equipment lease is so affordable that instead of replacing machines on an individual basis, you may be able to completely renovate your laundry room solution with a matched set of quality commercial washers and dryers, creating an attractive, coordinated self-service laundry room that enhances your rental property’s appeal.

You have a single monthly laundry equipment expense you can budget for.
When you purchase laundry equipment, you are responsible for the cost of any laundry equipment repair services that are needed. As laundry machines age, breakdowns and failures can occur more often, leaving you facing unexpected expenses for repairs or parts on a repeated basis. At Commercial Laundries, we service and maintain our laundry machines on a regular basis at no added cost to our leasing customers. You have no sudden demands on your capital reserves; just a set monthly lease payment for an agreed period of time.

You can have a laundry room at your facility with no financial outlay at all.
If even this set monthly fee will be a strain on your budget, consider Commercial Laundries’ popular Laundry Space Lease. We will lease space for a laundry room solution on your premises, install a complete set of commercial laundry equipment, collect the revenue generated by the usage, and send you a rental check per the terms of the agreement.

With Commercial Laundries’ Laundry Equipment Leasing, financing a fully stocked self-service laundry room is easier and more affordable than you ever thought possible. Call today and let our laundry room experts help you create an affordable self-service laundry room that will enhance your property and finances for years to come.

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