10 Reasons to Consider Card Operated Laundry Equipment

10 Reasons to Consider Card Operated Laundry EquipmentAre you ready to upgrade your coin operated self-service laundry room with smart card operated laundry equipment? Smart card technology has revolutionized the self-service laundry industry, by providing a host of valuable benefits to both property owners and the residents who use their laundry room solution. Commercial Laundries can help you make the switch to laundry equipment featuring this innovative payment system, which provides a host of valuable benefits to both property owners and the residents who use their laundry room solution. To help you decide if it’s the right time to upgrade your laundry equipment, here are the top 10 reasons to consider card operated laundry equipment:

  1. No more coin hassles
    When you upgrade to smart card laundry equipment, all laundry cycle payments are made using a smart card, which residents load value on using credit/ debit cards or cash. You eliminate the time-consuming hassle of having to collect and count coins every time the coin boxes are full, as well as the security risk and cost of hauling the coins to your bank.
  2. Improved revenue
    With Commercial Laundries’ innovative smart card technology, you can easily implement frequent incremental price increases of as little as a penny. The same tenants who would be angrily protesting a 25 cent increase will readily accept these small price increases without comment or complaint.
  3. Easy regulation of peak time usage
    You can stop the bottlenecks that occur when too many residents try to do their laundry at the same time using smart card technology, which allows you to implement peak time pricing that encourages residents to spread their laundry machine usage to non-peak hours.
  4. Elimination of theft
    With coin operated washers and dryers, unscrupulous tenants can steal laundry cycles using slugs and foreign currency; some thieves even go so far as to steal entire coin boxes. Card operated laundry equipment makes sure residents pay for every cycle and eliminates thefts by taking coins out of the transaction.
  5. Improved Security
    Tenants feel safer when using your self-service laundry room during off-peak hours, since they no longer have to carry cash for their wash loads, and provide less of a temptation to thieves.
  6. Increased reliability
    The coin slides on coin operated laundry equipment can jam and break, and coin boxes can be removed from machines, putting your laundry machines out of commission until you can have a technician make the necessary repairs.
  7. Fewer repair bills
    Smart card laundry machines have no moving parts in their payment system, so they require fewer repairs. In addition to saving money on repair bills, you also enjoy more revenue when your washers and dryers are not out of circulation while they await repairs.
  8. Simplified Bookkeeping
    The smart card kiosk where your residents add value to their smart cards provides you with a clear audit trail, greatly simplifying bookkeeping chores by delivering all of the reporting functionality necessary to properly manage your laundry room operation.
  9. Cashless Convenience
    Residents love the cashless convenience of card operated washers and dryers; instead of scrabbling for coins and fitting them into coin slides which can jam and break, they just swipe their card and they are on their way.
  10. Parental Security
    If your multifamily housing residents include college students and younger residents who get financial help from relatives, these relatives feel much more secure loading value on their dependents’ smartcards rather than handing youngsters cash and trusting it will be used for laundry needs.

In addition to our large inventory of card operated washers and dryers, Commercial Laundries also carries new and used coin operated laundry equipment, along with everything you need to create your own self-service laundry solution. We offer flexible purchasing and leasing options that make self-service laundry room ownership affordable for most South Florida property owners; call our laundry room experts to create your card operated laundry room solution today!

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