10 Reasons to Consider Leasing Laundry Equipment

10 Reasons to Consider Leasing Laundry EquipmentAre you a multi-family property owner who would love to open an on-premises laundry room without making a substantial financial commitment? Commercial Laundries’ laundry equipment lease may be the perfect solution for you! Our laundry equipment leases offer a number of benefits that make them a popular choice for savvy rental property owners, especially those who are watching their budgets. There are many reasons to consider leasing laundry equipment from Commercial Laundries; we’ve listed the first 10 to help you decide if this is the right decision for you.

  1. Organic Revenue Stream
    Leasing laundry equipment gives you an organic way to increase the revenue stream from your rental property.
  2. Increased Property Appeal
    With your leased laundry equipment, you can offer a valued amenity to your property that will help you attract new tenants while increasing lease retention among your existing residents.
  3. Matching Laundry Equipment
    Laundry equipment styles, appearance, and features change from year to year; if you have an existing laundry room, replacing aging equipment may have left you with a mismatched, unappealing facility. Laundry equipment leases are less expensive than purchasing new equipment, so you can easily afford to upgrade your laundry solution with an entire room of matched laundry machines for a uniform look.
  4. Energy-Efficient Equipment
    Leasing commercial washers and dryers may allow you to obtain quality laundry machines that are more water- and energy-efficient than you could otherwise afford.
  5. Free Installation
    Some laundry equipment providers charge for installation services; others rely on third party or part-time laundry equipment installers whose inexperience can create long-term problems. When you lease laundry machines from Commercial Laundries, our full-time staff of skilled technicians provide installation of your washers and dryers at no cost to you.
  6. Free Service and Repairs
    When you purchase laundry machines, you are responsible for the cost of their upkeep and maintenance, as well as the expense of any commercial washer repair services that are needed, along with associated parts and labor fees. With an equipment lease from Commercial Laundries, we service and repair the commercial washers and dryers at absolutely no cost to you!
  7. No Capital Outlay
    When you lease commercial washers and dryers from Commercial Laundries, there is no capital outlay. Your laundry equipment lease lets you retain your working capital so you can put it to use in other areas of your property.
  8. Fully Stocked Laundry Room
    With a laundry equipment lease, you can afford to provide a laundry room that is stocked with commercial washers and dryers that your residents can count on finding a washer available to clean their clothes at almost any time, without the day-long delays and bottlenecks that occur when there are too few laundry machines.
  9. Tax Deductible Payments
    Your laundry equipment lease payments count as a deductible expense!
  10. Financial Peace of Mind
    When you enter into a laundry equipment lease, you can plan your finances and know you will stay on budget because all you face is a scheduled monthly payment. No unexpected repair bills, no sudden need to replace a broken washer or dryer, just a single planned payment that you can easily figure into your monthly bills.

At Commercial Laundries, it is our goal to ensure that all the rental property owners who want to open an on-site laundry room are able to do so. We offer flexible purchase terms and leasing options; call today or stop by to see our wide selection of quality card- and coin-operated commercial laundry equipment.

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