Coin Operated Laundry Equipment

Coin Operated Laundry EquipmentWhen Broward residents search for rental properties, safety, affordability, and amenities are always among their top concerns. Opening a coin operated laundry room on the premises of your multifamily rental property will help your facility score high on all these essential qualities. An on-site coin operated laundry room will free your tenants from the hassle of hauling heavy wash loads back and forth to an off-site Laundromat, and the associated transportation costs or safety concerns that come from transporting their laundry on foot. Instead, they have the cost-effective convenience of laundering their clothes right on your property, with the freedom to pop in a load whenever they have a little time to spare. When you add a self-service coin operated laundry room to your rental property, this valuable amenity increases tenant appeal and improves lease retention, while providing you with an organic way to increase your revenue – a winning solution from every perspective!

The first step to opening a self-service coin operated laundry room is choosing the right laundry machines for your property. By carefully considering the size of your laundry room space, the laundry needs of your residents, and your laundry room budget, you can select the makes and models that will best meet your and your tenants’ needs. Some qualities to consider when shopping for coin operated laundry equipment:

Cycles / Features
Standard coin washers and dryers offer a basic set of load pricing options; if you desire a finer degree of control, there are sophisticated models available that offer adjustable load prices. Some of the more advanced coin operated laundry machines even allow you to adjust prices according to time of day, week, and type of cycle for the greatest pricing flexibility.

Keep your operating costs in check with energy-efficient coin operated laundry equipment; it requires less water and energy, thus lowering your utility bills.

Coin Vault Size
If frequent coin collections would interfere with your busy schedule, ask about high capacity coin boxes that will allow you to collect your machines less frequently.

Reliable Performance
You should never settle for commercial laundry equipment from an unknown company. Insisting on quality coin operated washers and dryers made by reputable, well-known companies is the best way to ensure you are getting durable laundry equipment that will provide the reliable performance your tenants expect.

The lack of on-site supervision at self-service laundry rooms can sometimes tempt residents into using slugs and foreign currency to avoid paying for laundry cycles, and some unprincipled thieves may even try to steal entire coin boxes. Look for newer coin op laundry machines that feature tamper-proof technology to ensure your residents pay for all their loads.

Responsible, ethical laundry equipment providers stand behind their products. Search for a laundry equipment provider who is willing to provide at least a 3-year warranty for their new coin laundry machines and a limited warranty for all of their used commercial laundry equipment.

Expert Installation and Repair Services
Incorrectly installed laundry machines can create problems that will affect the profitability of your laundry room solution for years to come. Protect your investment by dealing only with well-established laundry equipment providers who have an excellent reputation and skilled, full-time technicians on their staff to provide free installation and perform expert repair services as needed.

As the largest family owned full-service laundry provider in the state of Florida, Commercial Laundries has more than 45 years’ experience in providing complete laundry room solutions for multifamily property owners. With our wide selection of quality new and used coin operated laundry equipment, we have everything you need to create a profitable laundry room solution that your tenants will love!
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