Card Operated Washing Machine

Card Operated Washing MachineAre pressing time concerns making it difficult to keep up with the demands of your rental property’s coin op laundry room? If so, then it may be time to upgrade your laundry room with our technologically sophisticated Card Operated Washing Machine. As a perceptive property owner, you opened a coin op laundry room on your multifamily rental housing property with specific goals in mind: to attract new tenants, enhance your current renters’ experience, increase lease retention, and provide you with an additional organic revenue stream. While your coin operated laundry room is still accomplishing those goals, property management concerns have become more time intensive in recent years, reducing the amount of time owners can spend on laundry room matters like coin jams, coin collection and counting, and revenue deposits. Fortunately, laundry technology has undergone a high-tech transformation, and today’s smart card operated laundry equipment offers significant improvements over traditional coin operated laundry machines. Commercial Laundries’ sophisticated smart card laundry technology turns laundry room ownership into a cashless operation that is less time-intensive, more secure, and much easier for busy property owners to manage.

Secure, Cashless Smart Card Laundry Room Convenience for Tenants

Your tenants will appreciate the security and convenience that smart Card Operated Washing Machine offers. Instead of having to hunt down and hoard quarters for their weekly laundry loads, tenants pay for their laundry with a swift swipe of their smart card. They can enjoy this on-the-go convenience free from concerns that coin slide jams or broken coin equipment will prevent them from completing their laundry duties in a timely manner. Laundry smart cards can be refilled at any time, using a credit card, debit card, and/or cash at the  central payment terminal (VTM) conveniently located in a secure area of your property. Safety-conscious tenants will feel more secure using your laundry room during off-peak hours, since they no longer have to carry cash for their wash loads, providing less of a temptation to thieves.

Profitable, Stress-Free Smart Card Laundry Room Operation for Owners
Coin operated laundry room operation requires a considerable time investment from owners, who must collect and count coins from the machines, then make a trip to the bank to deposit the unwieldy coins,  making certain their laundry machine coin boxes are emptied on a regular basis. Constant monitoring is necessary, to ensure that unscrupulous tenants are not stealing cycles using foreign coins or slugs, or breaking into coin boxes. Switching to smart card technology means you never have to count, collect, or transport heavy coins again – your laundry room revenues are electronically totaled, creating a clear audit trail that simplifies bookkeeping chores. Repair bills are minimized, since there are no coin slides to jam, break, or malfunction.

Commercial Laundries’ smart card laundry equipment also provides additional revenue generating opportunities. You can easily implement small, frequent price increases that are readily absorbed by residents, and enact premium-pricing schedules during peak usage times. Charging more for wash loads during your busiest times offers an additional benefit, helping to eliminate laundry room bottlenecks by providing an incentive for residents to spread out their laundry room usage to traditionally slower times.

Commercial Laundries’ flexible purchasing and leasing options make upgrading to Card Operated Washing Machine an affordable solution for even the most frugal laundry room owners. Our dedicated laundry room experts will work with you to customize the most efficient and economical laundry room solution for your property, so you can obtain the smart card laundry equipment you desire.

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