Coin-op Washers & Dryers

Coin-op Washers & DryersIf you are a multifamily housing property owner opening your first self-service laundry room solution, you have probably just discovered that purchasing coin operated laundry equipment is more complicated than it seems. Rather than simply buying the first commercial coin dryer and washer for sale that you come across, you need to find laundry equipment that meets certain basic criteria if you want your self-service laundry room to succeed. You need to find durable laundry equipment, manufactured by a respected company known for delivering long-lasting performance; the equipment should offer laundry options that meets your tenants’ specific laundry needs; and it should be backed by a responsible company with well-trained technicians who will work to ensure your laundry equipment gives you many years of reliable performance.

Finding commercial laundry equipment for sale that is well suited for your tenants’ laundry requirements and manages to meet the constraints of both your budget and the physical dimensions of your laundry room space can be a challenge. Fortunately, the laundry room experts at Commercial Laundries are experienced at creating complete laundry room solutions for every budget, helping property owners assemble all the needed elements to operate a successful self-service laundry room. We will assist you in assessing your laundry room needs and can suggest the commercial washers, dryers, and other equipment that will best meet your requirements.

Commercial Laundries offers an extensive inventory of new and used coin operated laundry machines for sale from Maytag, Whirlpool, and Speed Queen. As the most respected brands in the industry, these companies have built their sterling reputations by designing durable laundry equipment that provides reliable performance year after year. All of our high-quality laundry equipment is backed by a warranty; a 3-year warranty covers our new Speed Queen and Whirlpool laundry machines, and there is a full 5-year warranty on our new Maytag washers and dryers. Our preowned coin operated washers and dryers are offered with a limited warranty, once our trained technicians have tested them.

The large selection of coin operated washers and dryers that Commercial Laundries offers are available in a number of different models to meet our customers’ requirements. Choose the specific combination of coin operated washer and dryer models that is right for your needs:

  • Durable top load washers and dryers that offer reliable performance even in heavy use conditions, with affordable load options and simple cycles that are easy to operate
  • Efficient front load washers and dryers that reduce utility consumption and provide users with sophisticated cycle options that can safely handle a variety of fabrics
  • Space-saving stack washer/dryer combos that provide powerful laundry performance, laundering loads quickly and requiring only half the room required by standard machines

To ensure your commercial washers and dryers continue to provide dependable performance long after your purchase, Commercial Laundries’ team of full-time technicians offer professional commercial washer and dryer repair services. Our technicians provide timely, reliable service and repair solutions that can help extend the effective working life of your commercial laundry equipment for years to come.

Contact Commercial Laundries today at 305-592-7990 and let our laundry room experts help you select the best coin operated dryers and washers for your facility!