Commercial Washer and Dryer

Commercial Washer and DryerAs the industrious owner of a multi-family rental property, you are always searching for ways to improve your property. You have wanted to open a self-service laundry room on your premises for some time, as you know it will turn your property into a more attractive rental option while making the lives of your current tenants a bit easier. You could certainly benefit from the increase in your revenue stream, but new equipment costs are just too high for your current operating budget. Commercial Laundries’ used industrial laundry equipment is the perfect solution. Our large inventory of Commercial Washer and Dryer is so affordable you can easily create a self-service laundry room that will add value to your rental property.

If you have spent any amount of time shopping for Commercial Washer and Dryer in the past, purchasing equipment from Commercial Laundries is going to offer some welcome surprises. When you deal with Commercial Laundries, you can expect to find:

Well-known Laundry Equipment Brands
Whether it is leasing a Commercial Washer and Dryer  or purchasing used washers and dryers only makes sense when the equipment is long-lasting and durable, made by a company with a proven track record for quality construction. At Commercial Laundries, our used  commercial laundry equipment comes from Maytag, Whirlpool, and Speed Queen. These companies are the most respected brands in the industry, with world-wide reputations for longevity, durability, and exceptional performance. Every belt, bolt, and bearing that goes into laundry machines made by these world-renowned companies is engineered to provide top performance and deliver true dependability for years to come.

Wide Selection of Makes and Models
Unlike stores that only have a few used machines with limited options, Commercial Laundries carries a wide selection of West Palm used commercial laundry machines, in a variety of makes and models. Our large inventory allows you to create a self-service laundry room that perfectly matches your tenants’ laundry habits and needs. The choice is yours:

  • Durable top load laundry equipment that offers simple, affordable cycle options, making it perfect for budget conscious tenants
  • Large capacity front-load washers and dryers with the sophisticated cycle options and energy-efficient operation that West Palm’s eco-friendly consumers prefer
  • Stack washer/dryer combos that offer fast, highly efficient laundry options in half the space of full-size models, making them ideal for apartment buildings and small laundry solutions

Warrantied Washers and Dryers
All of the used commercial washers and dryers that Commercial Laundries offers for sale have been tested by our skilled technicians to ensure they are in working order and ready to use. Our used laundry equipment comes with a limited warranty, allowing you to have confidence in your selection.

Economical Service Plans
Since even the most durable commercial washers and dryers can occasionally need repairs, Commercial Laundries offers a variety of service plans that let you avoid expensive labor and part costs. Our fully insured technicians provide timely, reliable Commercial Washer and Dryer repair and service solutions that ensure you get the longest use out of your laundry equipment.

Reputable Laundry Equipment Company
When you purchase Commercial Washer and Dryer, you need to have the assurance you are dealing with a well-established, reputable company. As the largest family owned West Palm laundry solutions provider, Commercial Laundries has built a sterling reputation by providing property owners with high quality new and used commercial laundry equipment for more than 45 years.

Contact Commercial Laundries today at 305-592-7990 and let our experts help you select the best used industrial laundry equipment for your West Palm self-service laundry room!