South Florida Card Operated Washing Equipment

South Florida Card Operated Washing EquipmentAre you interested in outfitting your South Florida laundry room with sophisticated, technologically advanced washers and dryers that are certain to attract the most discerning tenants? Then Commercial Laundries’ smart card operated washing equipment is just what you are looking for! When South Florida residents go in search of new accommodations, they carefully consider all the details of your rental property before making their final selection. Everything about the residence should be appealing, from the location and grounds to the décor and amenities. An on-site self-service laundry room, outfitted with new laundry machines offering the convenience of smart-card operated payment options, will add value to your multi-family property and help attract the  type of residents that you desire. Commercial Laundries can provide you with card operated washing equipment options that will enhance the value of your South Florida rental property!

Commercial Laundries’ South Florida card operated washing equipment provides a number of unique advantages that make it the perfect choice for busy property owners, including:

Premium Laundry Experience
With smart card technology, your tenants can enjoy their most convenient laundry room experience ever! Instead of having to transport cumbersome coins, tenants simply load value onto their rechargeable card via the VTM/kiosk using cash, credit cards, or debit cards. Just one swift swipe pays for a laundry load – no need to hassle with coin slides that can jam or break. Tenants enjoy a quicker, easier laundry experience that also provides them with a clear way to track their laundry expenses.

Increased Security
Security is always primary concern for South Florida tenants. Larcenous individuals can be drawn to coin operated laundry rooms, which have unguarded coin boxes that can be broken into or stolen. Residents also have to tote coins and cash with them every time they wash a load. Commercial Laundries’ card operated washers and dryers create a cashless laundry room solution that provides a safer environment for your tenants. As an added bonus, you will not have to face the lost revenue from stolen coin boxes or from worthless slugs that can sometimes be substituted for legitimate coins.

Improved Revenue Opportunities
With traditional coin operated laundry machines, raising load prices is a difficult proposition as a full 25-cent price jump can cause tenants to seek alternative laundry options. Commercial Laundries’ South Florida card operated washers and dryers give owners the opportunity to implement small, incremental price increases that residents are willing to pay. You can also create custom pricing schedules, charging premium prices during your busiest times. In addition to improving your revenue stream, this pricing strategy can help eliminate crowded bottlenecks and create a more enjoyable atmosphere for users.

As the  largest family owned South Florida laundry solutions provider, Commercial Laundries has helped thousands of Floridian property owners improve their revenue stream by creating laundry rooms that enhance their rental property, helping them to attract new tenants. We offer flexible pricing and leasing options that will help you obtain the latest card washers and dryers in South Florida for your laundry room without having to commit a significant portion of your working capital. Whether you are creating a South Florida small apartment laundry room solution for your condo or installing an expansive laundry room on your Homestead multi-family property, our laundry room experts will help you create the ideal laundry room solution to meet your specific needs.

Contact Commercial Laundries today at 305-592-7990 to discover more ways our South Florida card operated washing equipment can help you create the ideal laundry solution for your multi-family property!