Laundry Room Solutions For Commercial Buildings in Fort Lauderdale

Laundry Room Solutions For Commercial Buildings in Fort LauderdaleA self-service laundry room is not a “one size fits all” type of undertaking. In order to create a laundry room that will offer lasting benefits for your residents, you need to make sure it is customized to meet your tenants’ particular needs. For example, the residents of an upscale condominium complex are looking for different laundry equipment cycle options and payment choices than sophomore students staying in a college dormitory. As a busy property owner, you may not have sufficient leisure time to accurately observe your residents’ laundry usage and assess their needs. Fortunately, the laundry room experts at Commercial Laundries specialize in creating customized laundry room solutions for commercial buildings in Fort Lauderdale and rental properties of all types and sizes.

To create your customized laundry room solution, a Commercial Laundries’ experienced specialist will evaluate your commercial building in South Florida to determine the best location for your laundry room. Next, he or she will analyze the number and type of tenants you have, determine the  laundry options that they prefer, and recommend the specific laundry room equipment and payment options that will best meet your residents’ needs. Some of the customized laundry room solutions that Commercial Laundries has created for our customers’ various commercial buildings include:

Laundry Room Solutions for Small Commercial Buildings
In smaller commercial buildings where space is at a premium, Commercial Laundries’ customized small laundry room solutions in Fort Lauderdale feature space-saving stack washer/dryers, which offer high-efficiency cleaning power in half the space needed for conventional models. Available in your choice of card or coin operated laundry equipment models, Commercial Laundries’ stack washer/dryers include unique tiered pricing options that eliminate the peak-time bottlenecks that can occur in smaller laundry rooms. Owners can lower prices during non-peak hours, spreading laundry room usage while allowing residents to choose the time and pricing that best suits their needs.

Laundry Room Solutions for Commercial Condominium Buildings
Today’s upwardly mobile condo residents are actively seeking ecologically aware living options. To attract and keep these tenants, Commercial Laundries’ condo laundry room solutions in Fort Lauderdale include energy- and water-efficient front load laundry equipment that features high-speed extract and low water consumption, with sophisticated cycle and load options that are ideal for a variety of fine fabrics and clothes items. Smart card operated laundry equipment fits the fast-paced lifestyle of these upscale tenants, who appreciate the on-the-go convenience of paying for loads with a single card swipe.

Laundry Room Solutions for Commercial Buildings with College Students
Many college students are inexperienced at laundering their clothes, so Commercial Laundries’ college dorm laundry room solution features top load washers and dryers that offer simple, easy to understand cycles and options. These resilient machines are durable  and will endure heavy use and occasional roughhousing from enthusiastic students.

Take advantage of the flexible purchasing and leasing options offered by Commercial Laundries to equip your laundry room with the card or coin operated washers and dryers in Fort Lauderdale of your choice. To ensure your laundry room solution stays in good working order, Commercial Laundries has skilled, fulltime repair technicians on staff, ready to come to your assistance. The fully trained and insured technicians at Commercial Laundries are dedicated to providing top-quality and timely commercial laundry equipment repair services in Fort Lauderdale to our customers.As the largest family owned full-service laundry provider in the state of Florida, Commercial Laundries has more than 45 years’ experience in creating complete laundry room solutions for commercial buildings. Our laundry room experts are waiting to create the ideal laundry room solution to meet your specific needs.

Contact Commercial Laundries today at 305-592-7990 to take advantage of our laundry specialists’ extensive experience creating laundry room solutions for commercial buildings in Fort Lauderdale of all types!