Benefits of Leasing Commercial Laundry Equipment in Coral Gables

Benefits of Leasing Commercial Laundry Equipment in Coral GablesIf strained financial resources are keeping you from adding an on-premise laundry room to your multi-family housing property, Commercial Laundries’ equipment leasing program may be the perfect solution. Current economic realities have left many commercial property owners looking for ways to maximize their financial resources. Leasing quality commercial laundry equipment from Commercial Laundries will allow you to improve your revenue stream while offering your residents the convenience of an onsite laundry room, all without the need for a significant financial investment.

Are you ready to discover the many benefits of leasing commercial laundry equipment in Coral Gables from Commercial Laundries? Our laundry equipment lease will allow you to:

Reserve Your Working Capital
Purchasing commercial laundry equipment requires an initial cash outlay that can put a strain on your financial resources; leasing laundry equipment allows you to keep your working capital in reserve. When you choose a Laundry Equipment Lease from Commercial Laundries, we deliver the laundry equipment to your Coral Gables location, and you simply pay Commercial Laundries a set monthly lease payment for an agreed-upon period of time. By leasing laundry equipment, you can either lower your monthly payment or obtain more laundry machines than you could afford if you were purchasing the equipment.

Eliminate Repair Costs
Laundry room owners can be reluctant to lease a large quantity of laundry equipment at their property, concerned that future repair bills may obviate their initial savings. When you lease commercial laundry machines in Coral Gables from Commercial Laundries, we will make any needed repairs to the equipment, as well as replace the non-working parts at no cost to you, for the full term of the lease.

Maximize Your Resources
Leasing commercial laundry equipment in Coral Gables will allow you to fully stock your laundry room with higher quality laundry equipment than you might otherwise be able to afford. Commercial Laundries has a wide selection of high quality commercial laundry equipment from the most respected brands in the industry, available as either coin-operated or card-operated models. Leasing commercial laundry machines from Commercial Laundries is so affordable that you can assemble a complete laundry room solution consisting of durable top load washers and dryers, energy-efficient front load laundry machines, and stack washer/dryer combos.

Maintain a Uniform Look
If you already have a self-service laundry room on your property, leasing commercial laundry machines will allow you to maintain the uniform look that sets laundry rooms apart. When you first opened your self-service laundry room, you carefully selected a roster of laundry machines that fulfilled your tenants’ laundry needs while creating a neat, coordinated laundry room look. Since commercial washing machine and dryer styles change from year to year, changing out individual broken or aging machines with new models can destroy your cohesive look, giving your laundry room a ragtag appearance. Leasing laundry machines in Coral Gables from Commercial Laundries is so affordable that instead of only replacing your failing machines, you can replace all your machines with models that match, allowing you to maintain a uniform look at a reasonable price.

Join the satisfied property owners reaping the benefits of leasing commercial laundry equipment in Coral Gables from Commercial Laundries. Our laundry room experts are ready to help you create an affordable, fully stocked and functional self-service laundry room that will enhance your property and finances for years to come.

Contact Commercial Laundries today at 305-592-7990 to lease the commercial laundry equipment that will allow you to create the fully stocked Coral Gables laundry room you desire!