Choosing the Best Multi- Housing Laundry Machines in South Beach

Choosing the Best Multi- Housing Laundry Machines in South BeachAre you trying to figure out the ideal mix of laundry machines to outfit a self-service laundry room at your multi-housing rental property? When properly outfitted, on-premise laundry rooms offer a multitude of benefits for tenants and owners alike, enhancing the rental experience and helping to create the loyal, long-term residents that can be a property owner’s best assets. Choosing the best laundry machines in South Beach for your multi-housing facility is not just a matter of comparing laundry equipment options and features; in order to create the ideal self-service laundry room for your facility, you need to perform a careful assessment of your residents, their laundry habits, and choose the machines and payment options that will best serve their needs.

Commercial Laundries has a wide selection of commercial washers and dryers in South Beach from Speed Queen, Whirlpool, and Maytag. Our laundry room experts can help you assess your tenants’ laundry needs and habits, and assist you in choosing the makes and models that are best suited to your particular multi-housing laundry room solution. Available models include:

Top Load Washers and Dryers
If the tenants at your multi-housing property tend to be recently relocated residents or younger families searching for the most economical laundry solutions, then Commercial Laundries’  top load washers and dryers may be your best option. Able to with stand heavy, constant use while delivering reliable performance, top load laundry machines are the favorite machines of budget-conscious consumers, who appreciate their simple, easy to understand cycle options, available at an affordable price. Top load washing machines accept every type of laundry detergent, a plus for laundry rooms where residents may be unable to decipher machine instructions.

Front Load Laundry Equipment
For multi-housing properties with a diverse mix of upscale, environmentally conscious residents, Commercial Laundries’ front load laundry equipment is the perfect fit! Front load laundry machines are  more energy-efficient, spinning at very high speeds to extract a large volume of water to dry cloths quickly. Most front load washers and dryers are ADA compliant, so your disabled residents will be able to enjoy the convenience of your on-site self-service laundry room facility without the need for additional accommodations.

Stack Washer/Dryer Combos
If space is at a premium at your multi-housing rental property, stack washer/dryer combos will allow you to offer the convenience of an on-premises laundry room in half the space needed for conventional models! These innovative stacked components operate at high speeds, lowering utility costs and shortening required laundry times.

All of Commercial Laundries’ laundry equipment is available with your choice of payment controls.  You can choose our traditional coin-operated washers and dryers in South Beach, which offer tiered pricing and plus-cycle options that let owners set vend prices by day, time of day, water temperature, and cycle options. If you prefer, you can opt for our card-operated commercial laundry equipment in South Beach that allows your residents to pay for their laundry machine use with just the swipe of a smart card, refillable via debit or credit card or by cash at a central payment terminal/VTM (Value Transfer Machine).

To make self-service laundry rooms affordable for all multi-housing property owners, Commercial Laundries offers several innovative purchasing and leasing options. Our laundry room experts are available to assist you with choosing the best multi-housing laundry machines and options to create a successful laundry room for your facility.

Contact Commercial Laundries today at 305-592-7990 and let our experts assist you in choosing the best multi-home laundry machines to ensure your laundry room success!