Speed Queen Commercial Laundry Options

Speed Queen Commercial Laundry OptionsAs the owner of a self-service commercial laundry room, you know that your greatest asset is the reliability of your laundry equipment. Broken washers or dryers will have your residents seeking a laundry room whose performance they can count on. When your laundry room is stocked with Speed Queen laundry equipment from Commercial Laundries, you know you are getting reliable machines that will deliver consistent performance, making your life simpler and your business more productive.

The advanced technology of Speed Queen’s commercial laundry equipment provides superior durability that maximizes  the convenience for your residents. Commercial Laundries offers a complete line up of Speed Queen commercial laundry options, including:

Speed Queen Front Load Washers
If you are looking for energy-efficient washing machines that offer reliable performance, Speed Queen’s front load washers are for you! High-speed extract and low water consumption provide affordable operation, while large door openings ensure that even the largest loads can fit with ease. Speed Queen’s entire line of front load washers is ADA compliant, so you can rest assured that your disabled residents will be able to enjoy the convenience of your on-site self-service laundry room facility.

Speed Queen Top Load Washers
With a winning mix of quality components and a variety of different control/activation combinations, Speed Queen Top Load Commercial Washing Machines allow you to tailor your laundry room to meet your specific needs. Popular with budget-conscious customers seeking affordable wash cycles, the top load versions of Speed Queen commercial washers offer easy to understand cycle options that allow customers to use the laundry detergent of their choice while delivering reliable, affordable performance.

Speed Queen Commercial Dryers
Designed to fit in a variety of laundry room configurations, Speed Queen’s energy-efficient commercial dryers are available in top load and front load versions, as well as a space saving stack dryer/dryer combination. A number of different options allow you to customize your dryer offerings, including front control, rear control, extra-large capacity drums, space-saving cabinets, and more.

Speed Queen Stack Washers and Dryers
For the ultimate convenience in small laundry room solutions, Speed Queen’s stack washers and dryers are an innovative stacked concept that requires half the floor space needed for conventional washers and dryers. High-speed washer and dryer components lower your utility costs while shortening the required time to wash and dry loads.

Speed Queen Commercial Laundry Machine Control Options
All of the innovative Speed Queen laundry machines that Commercial Laundries carries are available with your choice of controls. You can select our traditional Speed Queen coin-operated washer and dryer models or opt for our card-operated laundry equipment, which allows your residents to pay for their laundry machine use with just the swipe of a smart card. Cards are refilled by debit or credit card or by cash at a central payment terminal/VTM (Value Transfer Machine).

Whether you are opening a new self-service laundry room or updating your existing one, Commercial Laundries’ full line of new and used Speed Queen commercial laundry equipment will ensure you have reliable machines you can count on to provide dependable performance and value. As Florida’s largest family owned coin-and card-operated laundry solutions provider, we have helped thousands of property owners create self-service laundry room solutions of all sizes, and we will gladly create a customized laundry room solution to fit your particular space and budgetary needs.

Contact Commercial Laundries today at 305-592-7990 to start enjoying the benefits of innovative Speed Queen Commercial laundry options in your laundry room facility today!