Managing your Coin Op Laundry Room

Coin Op Laundry RoomIf you would like to add a self-service laundry room with coin operated laundry equipment to your multi-housing property, apartment building, hotel or condominium, Commercial Laundries will be able to provide you with information to help you make an informed decision. You can purchase or lease coin operated washers and dryers and operate your laundry room yourself, or you can enter into a laundry space lease with an experienced, reputable commercial laundry company. To help you decide which laundry room model is best for your facility, let us take a closer look at some of the benefits Commercial Laundries’ laundry space leases have to offer:

  • Experienced Laundry Room Setup
    You get the advantage of Commercial Laundries’ many years of laundry room experience. Our expert representatives will assess your laundry space, assemble the mix of washers and dryers that fit your tenants’ needs, and set up the laundry room space that best suits your facility.
  • Signing Bonus
    Oftentimes, Commercial Laundries will pay a signing bonus or provide a financial budget for laundry room improvements. For some properties, we are able to advance the rent for several years, providing you with instant cash for immediate investment. Predictable Cash Flow
    The laundry space rental payment you receive from Commercial Laundries gives you a predictable revenue stream. All payments are made pursuant to the terms of the agreement.
  • Brand New Equipment
    With Commercial Laundries’ laundry space lease, your laundry room will be  set up with brand new high-efficiency front and top load commercial washers and dryers at no cost to you. We provide you with the latest technologies in laundry equipment, including card systems.
  • Hassle-Free Operation
    Commercial Laundries takes the hassle out of laundry room ownership: we handle all tenant complaints, refund requests, and service requests.
  • No Time Investment Required
    Operating a coin op laundry room requires a significant time investment: researching which coin op laundry machines are best for your facility, collecting, counting, and depositing the money generated, resolving tenants’ issues, and making sure machines are maintained… all of which takes a great deal of time. With Commercial Laundries’ space lease, we manage all of the above for you, freeing you up to spend your time as you choose.
  • Free Service and Maintenance
    Commercial Laundries’ experienced technicians will  repair all laundry equipment, including parts and labor,  at no cost to you.
  • Lower Utility Bills
    We install high efficiency commercial washers and dryers, providing you with savings on water, sewer, electric and gas expenses.

Whether you enter into a laundry space lease with Commercial Laundries or decide to lease or purchase commercial coin operated laundry equipment from us, our experienced representatives are eager to assist you  with your .

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