Benefits of Leasing out/outsourcing your Laundry room space

It’s a common myth that owning your own laundry equipment is more profitable than using a vendor. The truth is, the financial benefits of owning your own machines may be less than perceived, especially over the long term.

Leasing Laundry Equipment

Benefits of Leasing out/outsourcing your Laundry room space

Whether you are a property manager for a condominium, multi-housing property, a general manager in the hotel industry, the goal is the same:  providing a superior laundry experience at an affordable cost.

Leasing your laundry equipment through a reputable commercial laundry service provider offers many benefits, including no capital outlay, greater convenience, quality control and efficiency. At Commercial Laundries, our most popular lease, the laundry space lease, helps accomplish these objectives. With this lease, Commercial Laundries leases your laundry room(s) space, installs laundry equipment at no cost to you, services and repairs the equipment at no cost, collects the revenue generated by the usage, and sends you a rental check per the terms of the agreement.

Consider these reasons to enter into a laundry space lease:

  • Conserve Cash. No large capital expenditure required. Revenue Sharing Plans.  Commercial Laundries will share a percentage of the gross laundry revenue with you without any effort on your part.
  • No Service/Maintenance Costs. The space lease includes free service (parts and labor) and regular maintenance by trained technicians. When a machine breaks down, there is no charge for a service call or repair. Our response time is above average in this industry as we have all our own employees and do not contract out our service.
  • Predictable cashflow. A monthly rental payment becomes a predictable revenue stream that can be accurately budgeted.
  • Signing Bonus. Oftentimes, a signing bonus or financial budget for laundry room improvements will be provided at the signing of a new contract. For many properties, we will advance the rent for up to several years.
  • We offer the latest technologies in laundry equipment such as card systems.
  • Lower Utility Expenses. New high-efficiency equipment can provide savings on water, sewer, electric and gas expenses, while enhancing productivity.

Commercial Laundries specializes in custom solutions that meet your specific on premises laundry equipment needs, both economically and environmentally. The company’s experienced sales team will work with you to create a strategy that works specifically for your laundry needs. Whether you want to add a new laundry center or upgrade existing equipment, the company offers leading laundry amenities, sophisticated energy efficient washers and dryers in both top load and front load, and the highest quality service.

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