Smart Tips for Choosing the Right Commercial Washing Machine

Commercial Washing MachineBuilding a successful self service laundry operation within your rental property, condominium, multi-housing property, hotel, or other business requires a lot more than simply finding a space and buying equipment. You need to choose the right commercial washers and dryers. Innovative technology has allowed for the development of a broad array of commercial washing machines and dryers.

Here are some smart tips for choosing the right commercial washing machine for your business:

  • Be clear on how you will be using the machine. Circumstances are very important when choosing the right commercial washing machine. Selecting a machine that doesn’t fulfill your needs will mean that it’s more likely to break quickly, which means that in the long run you’ll end up spending a lot more.
  • What kind of items will be washed? Volume? Frequency? These are important questions to help determine the size of washing machine that is required.
  • You need to think about the size of the drum and the size of the load it can hold, as well as the length of the cycles and features.
  • Top load or front load?  Top loaders generally use more energy and water, and have a smaller drum; but, they’re more convenient if you’re limited on space. Front load washers have the potential for mildew build up as well as excess sudzing associated with the use of improper detergents. There is also an increased chance of spillages resulting in drainage issues with older plumbing systems.
  • ENERGY STAR qualified commercial washing machines will help save you a significant amount of money and provide the best laundry performance possible.
  • Consider the long-term operational costs.
  • Options and features. Today’s commercial washers come in a  variety of colors and offer features never seen before on washers and dryers –  automatic product dispensers, high spin speeds to reduce drying time, auto dose, steam cleaning. Again, carefully consider the needs and expectations of the equipment.
  • Maintenance. Top load washers are more economical over the long term due to the replacement parts being less expensive. Ask us about our different leasing plans so that you no longer have to worry about the cost of repairs or paying per service call.
  • Price. The quality of the machine is very important; extra features raise the value significantly, hence, it’s important to only pay for exactly what you need in order to get the most for your money. Although extra features look great, they’re worth avoiding if they will rarely be used. Call us for a quote. We have competitive pricing for new and used machines, and offer free local delivery and installation. We will also not charge you for disposing of your old equipment.